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• 2/11/2019

The View

How many people crashed on the expedition to The View?
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• 2/1/2019
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• 1/7/2019

CQC ships

Does anyone have an idea as to what ship is CQC is good for what?

I've tried to get an experience for all the ships but not much as it seems I have gotten comfortable with the condor so im wondering if my current idea on CQC ships which is:

F63 Condor-pretty good mobility, small ships thats easily destroyed

sidewinder-slow tanky ship

Imperial fighter-exactly like the condor but with slightly more shield but slightly less hull

eagle- biggest ship and isn't as slow as the sidewinder, and im not to sure on the stats

Thats just my experience so far so I was wondering if any one who actually knows about CQC can give their opinion?

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• 1/2/2019

Diamondback explorer jump range

A lot of people say diamondback explorer can jump over 30 ly, why mine can only jump 19ly(even unladen )?
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• 12/10/2018
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• 12/1/2018


I need some escorts to help haul some expensive cargo. It will be tonight (dec 1st) at 5. Lots 15,000 credits available for every escort. I need 5.

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• 11/23/2018

Good fighter step-up from eagle?

Looking for a good fighter step-up from eagle. Thinking keelback but idk...

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• 10/9/2018

How to play Elite Dangerous with TRUE virtual reality (VR) on the Playstation 4 (PS4) with PSVR

This is a guide on how to set up a PSVR headset so that you can play it with Elite Dangerous. I'm not talking about just looking at the screen through your headset, but actual true headlocking movement so that the view moves to the right when you turn your head right, and so on. It works perfectly and is beautiful! Sorry this is going to be so long, but there's a lot to cover. 

I have read many comments from this forum's users about how they would love to use PSVR with Elite, and if it will ever come. It looks unlikely that FD are ever going to offer this, but it can be done already. 

It should be noted that the quality of graphics through the PSVR is significantly reduced, but anyone who has been complaining about it not being available is presumably already aware of this and willing to accept the trade off. 

You will need some additional hardware to make this work, but there are no software downloads to worry about. You will, however have wires trailing EVERYWHERE, so be sure to be organised.

You will need a PSVR headset - if you're reading this, then you probably already own one or plan to do so. 

You will need an additional controller to your Dual Shock controller that comes standard with the PS4 - most serious players will probably be using some kind of flightstick, and the Thrustmaster HOTAS-X is ideal. Note that for reasons that will become clear, it does NOT need to be PS4 compatible or even a legacy Playstation controller - ANY kind of game controller that you would like to use will be fine. The PS4 HOTAS-X is currently available for around £69-99, but the PS3 version is around £49-99, and can be found even cheaper 2nd hand. 

You will need a PC or laptop to connect to your PS4 all the time while playing. If you have an old redundant laptop that's no longer any good for anything, then that would be ideal to dedicate to this role as the processing power required is almost nothing.

You will need a long USB to micro USB cable. 

Finally, you will need a Cronus Pro Max (or Cronus Max Pro) device, which are available for around £70 - £80, and this is what makes the whole thing possible. 

The Cronus device is a USB dongle that acts as an interface between virtually ANY game controller (be it for PC, X-Box, PS, Wii, etc) and a PS3, PS4, X-Box 360 and X-Box One console. It also allows for remapping of controls (analogue and digital) and can be used to create pre-programmed multi button control macros. You can even connect a keyboard and mouse setup to use with any of the game platforms - FPS players take note. It is a fantastic little piece of equipment, but the supporting software and instructions are a bitch to use (in my personal opinion, Cronus!). NB. There are other brands of controller interface which do the same thing, but for reasons which will become clear, you MUST choose the Cronus product. 

Essentially, what you are going to do is link the 'Headlock' function from within the game (that allows for free rotation of movement by rotating and dipping your Dual Shock controller) with the movement of your PSVR headset, resulting in the true VR experience. 

You will do this by attaching your Dual Shock controller (which you will not be using to control the game) to the top of your PSVR headset. If you think that might look a bit weird, trust me - you already look weird with a VR headset on! 

To start with, put your headset to one side and set up your additional controllers according to the Cronus instructions - good luck with that! Once you have got your controller of whatever type working with your PS4, you can then have fun remapping the buttons in any way you like. 

Now comes the clever bit. The PS4 has built in validation software that checks to see if the controller being used is a genuine PS4 one, and if not will disable it after around 8 - 10 minutes. To get around this, the Cronus device has two input ports on it, one to plug your choice of controller into, and the other to plug in your original Dual Shock controller. By doing this the clever Cronus software 'fools' the PS4 into thinking that the control inputs are coming from your Dual Shock controller, when they are actually coming from whatever other one you have chosen to use. 

This is why it is essential to obtain the Cronus product, as at least one other type of device (and I can't speak for others) uses ONLY software to get around the validation issue INSTEAD of using the actual Dual Shock controller, and the use of this controller is vital to the whole process.

As a helpful tip when trying to set the bl**dy Cronus thing up, start with the Cronus software. Install the software from their website, and you will then need to install one of the 'Plug-ins'. These are additional small pieces of software which are accessed from within the main program, and allow extra features to be used. The one you want is X-AIM, downloaded from the Plug-ins tab at the top of the screen. 

Now for the hardware setup. Turn the PS4 off, plug the Cronus dongle into the PS4 USB port and JUST the dual shock controller into the rear port to start with. Use the extra long USB cable you bought to do this - you will understand why in a moment. Now turn on the PS4 and log in as normal using the Dual Shock controller. 

Now turn on your laptop (having already installed the Cronus software) and plug in your additional controller, making sure that your laptop recognises it. If it is a PC or PS2 controller, then calibrate it as normal in Windows - other types MAY also need calibrating. 

NOW plug in the cable from your laptop to the side port on the dongle, and then start the software. IF you have actually managed to make it all work correctly, then your dual shock should now be disabled and you will be able to operate your PS4 from the additional controller. If you DON'T follow this exact sequence, it can cause the PS4 not to recognise the Dual Shock, and the controller you are using will be disabled after a few minutes. 

The intricacies of trying to get the Cronus software to work are far too numerous to mention, so you will just have to work with it yourself and hopefully you're a little more adapt at such things than I was - it took me days to figure it out!

Now then, although the control functions on the Dual Shock will be disabled, the motion and yaw sensors built into it (that Elite Dangerous uses to make the 'Headlock' function work) will still be active. See where this is going now? You're almost there! 

Find a way to securely attach your Dual Shock controller to the top of your headset - a few Blue Peter skills may be required here. I found it quite tricky as all the surfaces are curved, but I solved it by buying one of those mini qwerty keyboards that fit it the back of the controller (available off ebay from China for around £5), and then using sticky backed velcro to secure the mini keyboard (with the controller attached) to the top of the headset, with a spacing block secured in between them. Just make sure that the way you attach it has the controller orientated roughly forwards, and NOT pointing down or up. 

Now just access the Elite Dangerous Options screen, go to Controls, and then Headlock Mode and select 'ON' for 'Enable Motion Headlock' and 'Yaw Rotate Headlock', and you're set to go!

The vertical and horizontal axises should be set to regular, and you will definitely want to experiment with the 'Motion Headlock Sensitivity' setting to get the best out of it. Because I have found no way to disable the PSVR motion tracking function (unless you select the smallest screen size available, and then the graphics become unusable), then the headset screen will try to disappear off to one side as you turn your head. For this reason I have the Motion Headlock Sensitivity set quite high at about 40% of maximum, so that a relatively small turn of my head causes a large turn of the view, without the screen moving off much to one side. It's a small trade off, but trust me, once you get the adjustment right, you really don't notice this effect at all, and the reward really is amazing. 

Well there you are. I said it would be long! I do hope the admins will publish this post, otherwise I don't think I'll ever contribute to it again. If anyone has any comments, particularly if you try it out, then I would love to hear some feedback, but please no negative comments about the poor quality graphics of the headset. We all know they're not as good as an HD TV, and anyone who is already longing for PSVR support is obviously willing to accept this. Besides, I think it's fine, and Elite is just gorgeous through it. 

Fly safe commanders, Stiggy.

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• 9/11/2018

Beginner mission issue

Hello there, i'm beginning ED with transportation mission, 3 t of merchandise with my sidewinder... But I can't finish the mission even with the needed ressources, what can I do? (sorry it's in french)
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• 9/2/2018

Elite Dangerous

I have been searching for 2-3 hours trying to find a dolphin. Does anyone know of a station I can find one at??
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• 8/30/2018

Jameson memorial, what to buy?

Hi, I’ve just made it to Elite explorer (yay me!) and I’m on my way to founders world and was wondering what suggestions people have towards the next ship I should look at? I’ve currently got an a-rated python, a Dbx and an a-rated vulture.

I like the look of the krait and also the challenger but I was thinking of getting into mining and trading more than combat, oh and I haven’t visited any other engineers yet so my new ship will be vanilla for a while.

Any advice would be appreciated 👍🏻
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• 7/27/2018

I need credits

So I started playing not too long ago and I need credits. Any tips?
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• 7/6/2018

Elite dangerous: Beyond

I heard somewhere that ED: beyond is free for all platforms. Not sure if that’s true. If so, how do I get it with PS4. I already have ED: horizons because I got commander deluxe edition.
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• 6/20/2018
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• 6/20/2018
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• 6/12/2018


Hi all, I have some questions to do for you guys. Actually i am trying to unlock all guardians weapons available:
1)What kind of guardians weapons should be more recommended for the FDC ?
2) How do I obtain caustic resistance for my hull?

Any relevant info would be very appreciated
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• 5/9/2018

I'm new

So, I've just started my first game, is there anything specific i should know or any tips or tricks yall could share?
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• 4/20/2018

Confused about a lot..

I was reading the Sagittarius Eye and I read about how federations had a disagreement and thats what lead to UA bombings lately, etc. how do the federations and factions argue? are they actual players or is this just a story? if so, where do people get this information? And how "The Empire" is thinking of making new stations, etc. is this just Frontier making these stories for the sake of role-play for the game? i'm very confused. (Im new to the game)
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