On the edge of human space there are few holiday destinations. Struck by Ad Pontes's exceptional natural beauty, few natural resources, and twelve orbiting ice moons, the first colonists saw the economic sense in preserving their discovery and advertising "The Planet of the Zodiac" as a place of relaxation and renewal. Exports are mostly keepsakes and items with dubious "ancient" spiritual power and heritage.

— In-Game Description

39 Tauri is a system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. A resort system with only a single planet, the Earth-like world Ad Pontes, 39 Tauri has little strategic or economic value. The system is the exclusive purveyor of the Rare Commodity Tauri Chimes.

System Layout

Minor Factions

  • 15 Geminorum Democrats (Democracy, Federation)
  • 39 Tauri Cartel (Anarchy, Independent)
  • 39 Tauri Future (Democracy, Independent)
  • 39 Tauri Interstellar (Corporate, Independent)
  • 39 Tauri Major Exchange (Corporate, Independent)
  • Fujin Gold General Organisation (Corporate, Federation)
  • LFT 300 Travel Group (Corporate, Federation)
  • Nationals of 39 Tauri (Dictatorship, Independent)
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