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78 Ursae Majoris is an Alliance star system. It is the closest system to Alioth, the Alliance capital.

It is a good place to gain reputation with the Alioth Independents in order to become Allied with them and earn the Alioth permit.

System LayoutEdit

Minor FactionsEdit

  • Alioth Independents (Democracy, Alliance)
  • 78 Ursae Majoris For Equality (Democracy, Federation)
  • Sobek Boys (Anarchy, Alliance)
  • 78 Ursae Majoris Systems (Corporate, Independent)
  • Liberty Party of 78 Ursae Majoris (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • 78 Ursae Majoris Blue Boys (Anarchy, Independent)


31 MAY 3301

09 MAY 3301

  • The citizens of 78 Ursae Majoris expressed their opinions - ranging from contempt to indifference - on the odd news of President Halsey's intended visit, after the system was neglected for years under Federation rule.

I thought the Lughnatics murdered Halsey? She’s coming ’ere, you say? Why? I thought we were pretty clear, !*#@ the Feds, we don’t want ’em. Well... ’ere’s ’oping no one gets any bright ideas about finishing ’er off, this place was just finally startin’ ta sort itself out.

Gryph Jones, 78 Ursae Majoris B 3, farmer[2]

06 MAY 3301

  • President Halsey announced her list of intended tour destinations, and bizarrely 78 Ursae Majoris was still on it.[3]

26 APR 3301

  • President of the Federation Jasmina Halsey announced a tour of Federal frontier systems, and included 78 Ursae Majoris in that announcement.[4]

04 APR 3301

  • The election ended, with Alioth Independents becoming the new government of 78 Ursae Majoris and the system joining the Alliance.[5]

01 APR 3301

  • The election was taking place. Independent pilots helped both sides, trying to strengthen the positon of their preferred faction.[6]

26 MAR 3301

  • The state Election Critical was pending between Alioth Independents and 78 Ursae Majoris for Equality. This would be the first non-violent change of government in Elite Dangerous, after elections were added in Elite Dangerous version 1.2.06.[7][8]

17 MAR 3301

  • Rebels - the 78 Ursae Majoris Blue Boys - declared war on the Federation in 78 Ursae Majoris.

Pah! The Federation! Now, I won't say I support this war, the revolutionaries are monsters and criminals, but the inability of the local Federal government to keep things under control is exactly why those folks are so unpopular here! The Feds are too busy playing with Lughnatics and Onionheads half a galaxy to focus on places like this - maybe both sides will kill each other off, I can't help but think we'd be better off for it.

Gryph Jones, resident and farmer[9]

28 JAN 3301

  • Alioth Independents had 68% influence in 78 Ursae Majoris.[10]

23 JAN 3301

  • With the support of Alliance-aligned pilots, Alioth Independents started to rapidly gain influence in 78 Ursae Majoris.[11]

28 DEC 3300

  • A civil war started between Alioth Independents and Liberty Party of 78 Ursae Majoris. At this point the community didn't know that a civil war had to be against the controlling faction to win control of a system.[12]

12 DEC 3300

  • Alliance-aligned pilots started planning to bring Alioth Independents to power in 78 Ursae Majoris, to change the system from Federation-controlled to Alliance-controlled.[13]


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