The Order of Enblackenment follows and worships the Void. They believe that only through darkness can one reach enlightenment. Born in the shadows of the galaxy, the Order of Enblackenment is set to spread the word of the Void and enforce its will, through peace or war. Those who embrace the Void's teachings and wayof life are welcomed into the Order

— In-Game Description

9 Aurigae is an independent star system that is home to the player-run theocracy, Order of Enblackenment.

First observed in the constellation of Auriga[1] from ancient Earth, 9 Aurigae is a heavily populated agricultural system. The system consists of 5 stars, each with orbiting bodies. Of particular note are the terraformed Earth-like world and terraformed water world of 9 Aurigae C 2 and C 3.

Since 1st of October 3302, Order of Enblackenment is the controlling faction of 9 Aurigae.

The rare commodity Saxon Wine can also be found in the Coriolis Starport, Hunt Enterprise, orbiting 9 Aurigae D 4.

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Minor Factions Edit

  • Order of Enblackenment
  • Revolutionary Party of 9 Aurigae
  • 9 Aurigae Inc
  • Independent Bestia Resistance
  • 9 Aurigae Movement
  • 9 Aurigae Jet Natural Group
  • 9 Aurigae Constitution Party

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  • This system has 25 stations, planetary bases and outposts.[2]
  • Star system is located in the Auriga constellation and is a variable star.
  • is visible to the naked eye in bright suburban skies from Earth.

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