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ARX is a virtual currency for Elite Dangerous that was implemented in the September Update across all platforms. It is used to acquire Livery and Commander Customisation items in the Frontier Store, and can be purchased outside the game or earned in-game.[1]

Up to 400 ARX can be earned each week,[2] and doing so only requires engaging with the game normally without needing to complete any specific or purpose-built activities. Earned ARX are instantly added to a player's balance and can be spent immediately or saved indefinitely.[1]

Item Prices

Arx Livery mockup

A mockup of the Elite Dangerous Store with tentative ARX costs

Individual cosmetic items are available to purchase with ARX at the following prices. Some items, such as Ship Kits and Commander customization items, are only available in bundles that include multiple related items.[3]

Item ARX Price Range
1 Decal 20 - 150
1 Holo-Me Accessory Set (4 - 6 pieces) 20 - 200
1 Paintjob for a Ship, Ship-Launched Fighter, Scarab SRV, or Drake-Class Carrier 460 - 5,520
1 Engine or Weapon Detailing Option 2,240
1 Name Plate Set (9 pieces) 2,250
1 Bobblehead 2,450 - 6,450
1 Fleet Carrier Holo-Marker Option 3,650
1 Fleet Carrier-Drive Colour Option 4,180
1 Fleet Carrier ATC Option 4,870
1 Holo-Me Clothing Set (6 pieces) 5,200 - 6,550
1 COVAS Option 8,850
1 Ship Kit (12 - 16 pieces) 11,750 - 13,520
1 Fleet Carrier Layout 12,450

Earning ARX

Players can earn ARX through normal gameplay activities, such as exploring a new system, hauling cargo, or destroying other ships. Each activity rewards a small quantity of ARX, and a breakdown of recent earnings can be seen on the main menu. Logging-in to the game but remaining inactive will not earn any ARX, since none is rewarded based on time spent in-game. A maximum of 400 ARX can be earned per week.[3]

During special events, such as the 2019 Festive Countdown, free ARX may be rewarded simply for logging-in to the game. ARX acquired through such promotions does not count towards the weekly ARX cap.[4]

Purchasing ARX

Arx bundles

The ARX Store

ARX are available for purchase on PC in the denominations listed below. Prices on Xbox One and PS4 may vary based on platform specifications.[5][6] Note that the bonus ARX included with larger ARX denominations are added to the base amount of ARX; for example, purchasing the "51,000 (+3,000 bonus)" ARX pack will add a total of 54,000 ARX to the player's balance.[3]

ARX GBP (£) EUR (€) USD ($)
5,000 2.99 3.49 3.99
8,400 (+420 bonus) 4.99 5.99 6.99
16,800 (+900 bonus) 9.59 11.49 12.99
25,500 (+1,300 bonus) 12.99 15.99 18.99
51,000 (+3,000 bonus) 24.99 29.99 37.99
85,000 (+15,000 bonus) 44.99 54.99 59.99


  • ARX can only be used to buy cosmetic Game Extras and will not be used to introduce and acquire pay-to-win purchases.[1]
Frontier Points 500

Frontier Points

  • ARX is based on Frontier Points, a virtual currency that Elite Dangerous players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms had to purchase in order to acquire items from the Frontier Store. Frontier Points could be purchased in denominations of 300, 500, 1000, and 2500. PC players did not use Frontier Points, and were able to purchase items from the Frontier Store directly.
    • When the September Update was implemented, unspent Frontier Points were automatically exchanged for ARX at a conversion rate of 1:20.[6]


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