Aegis AX Xeno Scanner

The AX Xeno Scanner

Scanner that can passively understand non-Human vessels, and analyse their structural make-up and internal modules.

— In-Game Description

The AX Xeno Scanner is an experimental scanner created by Professor Palin for Aegis. Released on September 28, 3303, the AX Xeno Scanner is a utility module capable of scanning and identifying Thargoid Interceptors and Thargoid Scouts. Using it on a Thargoid Interceptor is the only way to highlight its Thargoid Hearts in order to target them with weapons, although a scan is not required to be able to inflict damage. AX Xeno Scanners can be purchased at military, high-tech, and industrial planetary bases.


Xeno Scanners are the only way of discovering information on xeno-biological vessels. The passive scan element is capable of reading shape, size and vessel type, as well as hull integrity and combat information. The active scan is short range, but produces more detailed information, such as sub target information, detailed variant information and vital data required for research and development.

— Additional In-Game Details

Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power
Draw (MW)
Range (KM)
Time (S)
Value (CR)
0 E 1.30 56 0.200 0.5 10 365,698

Engineer ModificationsEdit

There are currently no Engineer modification options for the AX Xeno Scanner.

Purchase LocationsEdit

Class Rating System Station Value
0 E Brestla i Sola Prospect 438,838
0 E Delkar Callie Landing 365,698
0 E HIP 14997 Zelazny Hub 365,698
0 E HIP 10716 Morgan Depot 365,698
0 E HR 1185 Ceres Tarn 365,698
0 E Hyldekagati Chaudhary Silo 365,698
0 E Merope Alcazar's Hope 365,698
0 E Obambivas Renenbellot Installation 365,698
0 E Aulis Xing Hub 365,698
0 E CPC 20 6743 Aksyonov Keep 365,698
0 E Wolf 906 Rice Hub 365,698
0 E Ngugira Boswell Relay 365,698
0 E Tiapalan Eudoxus City 365,698
0 E Ceos Sinclair Market 365,698
0 E Anaye Bailey Silo 365,698
0 E HIP 78688 Jones Arsenal 365,698
0 E Sol Ehrlich City 365,698
0 E Chacobog Finney Holdings 365,698

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