Empire Capitol Achenar 6D
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Earth Masses 1.8834
Radius 7,387 KM
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Surface Temp. 288 K
Surface Pressure 1.05 Atmospheres
Volcanism Silicate Magma
Atmosphere Type Suitable for water-based life
Atmosphere 77.9% Nitrogen
20.9% Oxygen
0.9% Argon
Composition 70.0% Rock
30.0% Metal
Orbital Period 823.0 Days
Semi Major Axis 0.32 AU
Orbital Eccentricity 0.0000
Orbital Inclination 5.20 DEG
Arg of Periapsis 239.67 DEG
Rotational Period 0.7 Days
Axial Tilt 25.12 DEG
Capitol A Ring
Reserves ---
Type ---
Mass ---
Semi Major Axis ---
Inner Radius ---
Outer Radius ---
Capitol B Ring
Reserves ---
Type ---
Mass ---
Semi Major Axis ---
Inner Radius ---
Outer Radius ---
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Not to be confused with Capital.

Outdoor world with a human-breathable atmosphere and indigenous life. The atmosphere is far from chemical equilibrium as a result.

— In-Game Description

Capitol is the capital planet of the Empire. It is an Earth-like world in the Achenar system. It orbits the gas giant Achenar 6, which orbits the star Achenar. The Orbis starport Dawes Hub orbits the planet. It's also known as Achenar 6D.

The Imperial Palace and Senate House are located on Capitol. The Hall of Martyrs lies beneath the Imperial Palace.

Multiple tourist beacons in orbit of the beautiful super-earth detail the history and origins of the Empire. For all intents and purposes, this planet is a second Earth, except for being a tad bigger, and 1.8 times as massive. This means the gravity is 40% stronger than on Earth, breeding sturdy people. It orbits the gas giant Achenar 6 in 823 earth days, however, rotates on itself in less than 18 hours. Though far from the giant it orbits, it is still eclipsed from the nearly indistinguishable Achenar star for a period of its orbit. The service-based Orbis space station Dawes Hub orbits this planet.[1]

Lore Edit


Imperial Clipper cockpit and Capitol in Achenar

The system of Achenar was chosen for the outdoor world orbiting one of its gas giants, already capable of supporting human life, now known as Capitol. There was already life on the planet and though Duval didn’t know it at the time, one of the few known sentient species watched their landings.

Back then, life was known to be plentiful throughout the galaxy, though it wasn’t appreciated how rare sentient life was. Before long the species was made extinct by the settlers, mainly through imported bacteria. Much later, this extinction would later be used as a pretext for Federal intervention in the system.[2]

Capitol was originally called Achenar 6D. It was discovered and colonized by a space expedition lead by Marlin Duval in the mid 23rd century. They established a colony which became the Republic of Achenar. This was later renamed to Capitol and changed into the Empire by her brother Henson Duval.[3][2]

Locations Edit

These are notable locations.

Trivia Edit

  • Capitol's portrayal as a water world with no visible landmasses is inconsistent with its portrayal in previous Elite games, where it was an Earth-like world with landmasses with starports (named Duval City, Fortress Cambridge, Camp Denver and Maxwell's Camp) and cities on them (This is being fixed in version 2.1).[4]

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