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Optimise. Iterate. Refine.

— Achilles Corporation's slogan

Achilles Corporation is a megacorporation based in Alioth that manufactures electronics and robotics. Some of its products include the Frame Shift Drive Interdictor, the Stinger-2 skimmer, and multiple lines of robots. Achilles is also one of the galaxy's two main suppliers of personal computers alongside Sirius Corporation.


The Achilles Corporation was founded in 2791 in Alioth and quickly established itself as the leading name in computer components and robotic systems, offering products that outperformed those of their competitors by a large margin. Achilles' success allowed it to take on nearly all of the employees from a failed business named Trojan Developments. The corporation became known as the "biggest sharks in the interstellar arena" due to their highly aggressive recruitment and acquisition policies.[2]

In 2853, the Nesbitt Landing scientific research outpost was established by the Achilles Corporation in Alioth with support from scientists and academics from both the Federation and Empire. The Empire withdrew from the project after a detailed study linked the genetic problems of colonists on New California in Alioth to the techniques the Empire had used to terraform the planet in 2612.[2][3]

In 3114, the Achilles Corporation demonstrated their so-called "quinker process" at Nesbitt Landing, which significantly improved robotics production. The Empire deployed their Third Fleet to Alioth to secure the details of this process for themselves, provoking a similar escalation by the Federation and instigating a turbulent proxy war in the system that lasted until 3122.[2][4]

From 3290 to 3300, Achilles sold over 20 million robots throughout the Federation alone, including nearly 300,000 PA912 models.[5]

The Achilles Aerospace division unveiled its line of Frame Shift Drive Interdictors in October 3300. While there was a significant push within the Federation for the act of interdiction to be outlawed, independent systems strongly rejected such measures. Achilles Aerospace declined to comment on the controversy, and only revealed that sales of the FSD Interdictor exceeded expectations.[6]

In late 3304, Achilles Corporation became embroiled in a scandal involving the illegal installation of surveillance software on a number of their PA912 administrative robots. The Federal Security Service found that an Achilles Corporation engineer had been blackmailed by billionaire Kingsley Cordova, owner of the Cordova Group, into installing the software in order to spy on certain high-profile individuals living in Sol for the benefit of the Mars Tribune, which the Cordova Group controlled. The engineer turned whistle-blower, resulting in the dissolution of the Mars Tribune, an audit on the Cordova Group, and the arrest of Kingsley Cordova. All PA912 robots were remotely updated to permanently disable the spy software. Achilles Corporation subsequently ran a campaign to construct replacement PA912 robots for owners who had destroyed their models after the existence of the spy software was revealed.[1]

An expert thief known as the Winking Cat stole the only working prototype of the XS1001, a new security robot, from Achilles Corporation in November 3307. The prototype was being guarded by a number of XS801 models, all of which were found disabled.[7]


Achilles Corporation is organised into four divisions:

  • Aerospace
  • Entertainment
  • Robotics
  • Security




  • PA912 (personal administrative robot)
  • XS801 (security robot)[7]
  • XS1001 (protoype security robot)[7]



  • Personal computers[8]


22 NOV 3307

  • An expert larcenist known as the Winking Cat has triggered widespread alarm with a spree of high-profile thefts. Vox Galactica published this feature by crime correspondent Mira Bukowski: "Last month, the galaxy's most infamous thief reappeared in the headlines after a long absence. It appears the Winking Cat is making up for lost time by stealing multiple items in quick succession. One notable target was a portrait of Emperor Olban Hensard Duval, the tenth ruler of the Empire. Painted in 2989, it was notable for being seven metres high - as was the graphic of a smirking feline face engraved on the wall where it once hung. Another disappearance, albeit of a less artistic nature, was the only working prototype of Achilles Corporation's XS1001 security robot. This was being guarded by several XS801 models which, according to insiders, were found lying on their sides and emitting an unusual 'purring' sound. There are reports of several other rare or precious artefacts disappearing from secure locations. In all cases, there are no clues as to how security systems were circumvented. The Wallglass Investigations Agency has theorised that the Winking Cat may not be an individual after all, but a group of criminal specialists working together. They also suspect that these latest thefts may be intended for some larger purpose."[7]

01 DEC 3304

  • Achilles Corporation announced plans to replace all robots destroyed as a result of the recent spy robot scandal. The organisation has placed an open order for quantities of robotics, computer components and microcontrollers, which will be used to produce brand new PA912 administration robots.[9]