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An Active Power Source is a type of Point of Interest that can be detected from orbit and accessed while On Foot or in a SRV.


Active Power Sources have been observed with a variety of layouts, for example:

  • with four S4 Sentry Skimmers and a data point that can be scanned. The skimmers are not hostile when approaching the site by ship, SRV, or on foot, and do not appear to become hostile after scanning the data point. However, do note that entering the area is considered entering a trespassing zone.
  • with four Defence Turrets and two installations identified as a "power grid".
  • with two Defence Turrets, and a power grid between them.

The power grids observed so far are not scannable. Attacking a power grid destroys it but the grid neither drops any item nor causes any fine; the turrets become hostile. Destroying all power grids disables the turrets.

Spawn Locations[]

So far, these have been observed on various types of worlds. They can be found like any other Point of Interest by using the Detailed Surface Scanner on a body.