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Admiral is one of the highest ranks in many navies such as the Federal Navy and Imperial Navy. They are responsible for high level military command at the battle group or fleet level. They can do administrative and political duties for naval operations, such as give status reports to the President or Emperor.[1]

An admiral is the equivalent of a general in the army. It is above vice admiral and below admiral of the fleet. There are different grades of admiral based on seniority and position in a fleet. Admiral of the Fleet is a higher rank than Admiral.


The Federal President generally doesn't interfere with naval operations, but receives status reports from a Federal Admiral and discusses issues with the Federation.[1]

Former President Jasmina Halsey described the relationship between her office and Admiral of the Fleet Vincent:

“Admiral Vincent runs our Navy, and I run the government. From time to time, he gives me a status report on naval operations, and we discuss issues of importance to the Federation. On the events in Kappa Fornacis the Admiral acted unilaterally, and simply reported his actions after the orders had been carried out. It is not my role to interfere with naval operations, but I do expect to be consulted when decisions of such import are made.”[1]