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A series of thruster modifications, sensor calibrations and avionics that allow a ship to fly effectively while close to a planetary body. Required to land on planets with zero or tenuous atmospheres.

— In-Game Description

The Advanced Planetary Approach Suite is an upgraded variant of the Planetary Approach Suite. It complements Thrusters and allows a ship to enter Orbital Cruise and land on the surface of terrestrial bodies with tenuous atmospheres. It is installed in a reserved Optional Internal compartment, and consumes no power or fuel.


As with its predecessor, the functions of the Advanced Planetary Approach Suite are fully automatic. All that a pilot has to do in order to use it is to ensure it is installed on their ship. Upon approaching a planetary body and entering Orbital Cruise, the Advanced Planetary Approach Suite will activate additional HUD elements to help orient the pilot. If the pilot attempts to land on a suitable body, the module also activate and maintain Glide mode once the ship descends to an altitude of 25 kilometers.

The key benefit of the Advanced Planetary Approach Suite is that in addition to permitting landing on planets without atmospheres, it also permits landing on planets with tenuous atmospheres up to a limit of 0.1 atm.


Class Rating Mass (T) Value (Cr)
1 I 0.00 500


  • The Advanced Planetary Approach Suite is equipped by default on all ships that the player purchases while ED: Odyssey is installed. If the player acquired any ships before installing Odyssey, the Planetary Approach Suite will be replaced with an Advanced Planetary Approach Suite.