ATR unit 1

The Blue Epaulettes ATR unit

Advanced Tactical Response, or ATR, is an elite security unit that is deployed to take down criminals with a high notoriety level. They are active in all systems except those under the control of an Anarchy minor faction. When criminals repeatedly commit crimes in succession, especially murders, they will eventually draw the attention of the local ATR unit. Their main purpose is to prevent Commanders from operating above the law and to stop criminal activities. They support standard system Security Forces if they are overwhelmed.[1][2]

ATR units employ Elite-ranked combat pilots who fly heavily-armed and engineered ships to confront the most powerful criminal pilots. They are not indestructible, but destroying even a single ATR ship requires a tremendous effort.[2] Upon arrival at an incident site, ATR ships deploy Stonewall Jammers to block further crime reports and prevent additional standard security forces from endangering themselves, and then proceed to chase criminals away from the area or neutralize them. Criminals defeated by ATR are incarcerated at the nearest Detention Centre.

ATR Units



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