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Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel

The Agricultural Vessel is a type of Bulk Cruiser Megaship. Its used to cultivate and transport agricultural products in space.

Dionysis Class consists of a long central superstructure with a command module on the front, followed by four rows of three agricultural domes mounted around the structure, a dual rotating habitat ring, a group of cargo containers mounted perpendicular to the structure, followed by the drive module.[1]


Name Class & ID Flight Plan Current System Planet Notes
AIE Anzac Honour Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel None Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-15 8
Amaethon Class Agricultural Vessel BTA-011B None Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 4 A
Amaethon Class Agricultural Vessel HDO-638 None Nankul 3 Attacked by Thargoids
Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel DGL-436[2] Peckollerci, Hayar, Feuma, Gateway, Adenets, Olgrea Adenets
Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel HXO-889 HIP 8396, Takurua, Almagest, Robigo, Almagest, Takurua Almagest 4
Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel KSL-878 None Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57 A 5 Attacked by Thargoids
Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel DSL-327[3] Nyx, Sigma Pegasi, Gilgamesh, LP 347-5, Inti, Ursitoare Sigma Pegasi
Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel FGK-342 None Synuefai LX-R d5-28 4 Attacked by pirates
Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel GTP-8846 Sothis, Ceos, Robigo, Almagest, Robigo, Ceos Sothis A 6
Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel KTB-2673 None Triton A 5 Attacked by Thargoids
MAY-236 Demeter-Class Cropper None 37 Lyncis 1 C A
NLTT 34960 Dionysus-Class Cropper NLTT 34960, Ensoreus, Selkana, Teorge, Legeers Lave Planet Lave
REO-498 Demeter-Class Cropper None Lave 2
V538 Aurigae 1 Amaethon-Class Cropper None Anlave Denver