Professor Alexei de la Vega is a leading scientist in Colonia who has spearheaded multiple research projects focusing on the Colonia Region's infrastructure and population development.


05 JUL 3304

  • The Tir scientific project concludes successfully. Professor de la Vega stated, "With the construction of a research centre we will be able to monitor population spikes and manage resource allocation throughout the region."[1]

28 JUN 3304

  • Professor Alexei de la Vega launched a new initiative in the Tir system in conjunction with Tir Technology Services to construct a scientific Installation in the Colonia system. "Our recent study into the region's population increase has revealed alarming statistics. If Colonia's population continues to increase at the current rate it could lead to a serious depletion of resources at some point in the future. Monitoring infrastructure, terraforming, logistics and other issues will require the construction of a dedicated centre for resource management. This will allow us to study the aggregated data and formulate a structured solution to avoid potential problems."[2]

25 MAY 3304

  • The Colonia scientific project concludes successfully. Professor de la Vega stated, "These vital materials will allow us to establish a framework for how the region can expand. Thank you to everyone who has helped to chart a roadmap for Colonia's future."[3]

17 MAY 3304

  • Scientists in Colonia are investigating the Colonia Region's potential to support larger populations in the future. Professor Alexei de la Vega, who is leading the research, published this statement: "Over the past few years the region's population has expanded ferociously, so it has become a priority to investigate how Colonia might support even greater numbers, and what kind of infrastructure would be required. This research requires a range of specialised materials, for which we're prepared to pay handsomely. With these, we can evaluate Colonia's true potential."[4]


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