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Alliance Interpol, sometimes simply called Interpol, provides multi-jurisdictional investigation services primarily across Alliance member worlds and occasionally beyond when a case requires it. It also provides support assets for individual Alliance police forces when heavy backup is required, conducts internal affairs investigations for Alliance organizations upon request, and acts as a direct intervention force on behalf of the Alliance Assembly.[2]

Numerically, Interpol is smaller than most systems' police forces, but is well-trained, well-equipped and well-respected. It is named after a long defunct organisation dating back more than a millennium from Earth that facilitated international police cooperation.[2]

List of known members


07 DEC 3307

  • Terrorist ringleader Theta Seven is defying capture by holding thousands of Far God cultists hostage in the Mudhrid system. Vox Galactica published an on-the-scene report from freelance journalist Redmond O'Hara: "Although the NMLA has been defeated in Mudhrid, the Theta Group bomb-makers remain in control of the Sacrosanct megaship. With so many lives at stake, ACT has focused all its efforts to resolve this tense situation. We've heard that Senior Agent Ramirez and Inspector Klatt have both tried to open negotiations directly with Theta Seven. It is hard to imagine what they might offer him in terms of clemency, but they're obviously determined to prevent further deaths at the NMLA's hands. After speaking to one of ACT's tactical advisors, I can reveal that Captain Castile's commando unit tried and failed to board the Sacrosanct as it did the Steel Majesty. This is apparently because the vessel is specially modified to prevent external access, in order to provide the Far God cultists with a sanctified environment during their pilgrimage. Speaking of the cultists, they may not have accepted their predicament quite as passively as expected. Internal power failures detected within the Sacrosanct's hyperdrive systems may well be a result of sabotage, and would explain why it hasn't left the Mudhrid system. Perhaps in their own way, the Thargoid-worshippers are seeking justice for those murdered by Theta Seven's appropriation of their deity's 'holy' caustic enzymes."[3]

14 JUN 3307

  • The Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit has published an update on its investigation into the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army. Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez, one of ACT's joint leaders, gave a statement to the media: "ACT is currently pursuing multiple lines of enquiry, which must remain classified for reasons of security. Our agents are gathering evidence from sites across the Alliance, Empire and Federation. As yet we cannot report any significant breakthroughs. NMLA activists appear to use a dark-comms network that defies detection. They also compartmentalise their operations, so individual cells have little knowledge of each other. In recent months, NMLA incidents have been restricted to minor strikes against Imperial authorities, which were dealt with by local police forces. There has been no activity by Theta Group, the hardcore extremists responsible for the 'Nine Martyrs' starport bombings. The collapse of the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid may have deprived the NMLA of their logistical capability to deliver large-scale attacks. But it remains possible that a new wave of terrorist atrocities is being planned." ACT later confirmed that it has recruited additional personnel from Alliance Interpol, the Federal Intelligence Agency, the Imperial Internal Security Service, the Marlinist Constabulary, Nova Imperium's Praetorian Guard and the Wallglass Investigations Agency.[4]

22 MAR 3307

  • The Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit (ACT), formed by all three superpowers to combat the NMLA, has launched its investigation. The organisation has been working closely with Alliance Interpol, the Imperial Internal Security Service and the Federal Intelligence Agency to collate data on the terrorist strikes against nine starports. Captain Niamh Seutonia, one of ACT's joint leaders, told the media: "Initial forensic results from the targeted stations suggest the use of a more compact bomb design than in previous attacks, possibly constructed on-site. Worryingly, the NMLA's new generation of weapons seem to be easier to transport and conceal. The good news is that a comparison of reports has revealed one very promising lead. I will personally take a team to follow this up, and we're hoping for an early breakthrough." Inspector Mara Klatt also provided a brief progress report: "Our working theory is that the NMLA employs an undetectable interstellar communications system to coordinate its attacks. A similar dark-comms network was used by the League of Reparation before we decrypted it, but this version is evidently more sophisticated. We are liaising with local security services to gather evidence."[5]

17 MAR 3307

15 JAN 3307

  • The purchase of shipbuilding company Lakon Spaceways by Core Dynamics is in doubt after allegations of illegal business practices. Irfan Karim reported on the recent developments for The Alliance Tribune: "The Independent Commission for Market Equality has confirmed that several Lakon shareholders sold their stock to shell companies, which were covertly established by departments within Core Dynamics. Furthermore, two serious accusations of blackmail have been referred to Alliance Interpol. Trent Delaney, Lakon's newly installed chairperson, has dismissed these claims. But coupled with serious rumblings from the Council of Admirals over losing a military supplier, this hostile takeover now looks less certain." In the Federation, the newsfeed Sol Today ran an editorial piece on the situation: "Acquiring Lakon is another bold triumph for manufacturing colossus Core Dynamics. It's a shame that it's being undermined by the petty bureaucrats of the Alliance, who should be gratefully grasping this financial lifeline. It's also laughable that CEO Jupiter Rochester, one of our titans of industry, is being stabbed in the back by old-fashioned colleagues who are clearly jealous of his success. Perhaps his 'Jupiter Division' has finally outgrown the corporation and deserves to forge its own path."[7]

24 DEC 3306

  • Tens of thousands of Marlinist refugees have claimed sanctuary in Alliance space, after emigrating from the Empire to avoid political persecution. In recent weeks, there has been a steady stream of ex-Imperial citizens arriving at Alliance systems, mostly travelling aboard small private vessels or in the holds of cargo ships. The humanitarian aid organisation Safeguard Interstellar reported that accommodation and basic necessities are being provided. Alliance Interpol is running stringent security checks for evidence that members of the NMLA terrorist group are present. The initial wave of refugees, which fled to the Federation, are currently preparing to populate a number of independent colonies established by the Sirius Corporation. However, these systems cannot yet provide harbour to the continuing exodus of Marlinists from the Empire. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon publicly welcomed the refugees, but there has been some dissent in the Alliance Assembly. Councillor Nakato Kaine, who is expected to be Mahon's main rival in next year's election, received widespread support for her views: "Naturally, we must provide these poor people with emergency aid, but there are practical limits to our resources. It is not our responsibility to solve the Empire's domestic issues, and we have seen the Federation pay the price for sheltering terrorists. The Alliance cannot end up as the dumping ground for other superpowers' problems."[8]

13 JUN 3305

  • President Gibson Kincaid has been removed from office after a majority vote in the Alliance Assembly, following charges of treason, murder and corruption. The date of his trial is expected to be confirmed soon. Alliance Interpol confirmed that Kincaid was detained while attempting to flee his personal estate on Zaonce. A firefight broke out between Interpol agents and emissaries from the Office of the Alliance President, acting as Kincaid's personal bodyguards. Several fatalities were later confirmed. A number of influential corporate and political figures who supported Kincaid's conspiracy to gain executive control of the Alliance have also been arrested, including a senior director at the Bank of Zaonce. Prosecutions are expected to rely heavily on the recent testimony of Admiral Frederick Yamamoto and a detailed report provided by the Wallglass Investigations Agency. Tashmira Silva, who privately commissioned the report, told the media: "I am satisfied that Kincaid will at last face justice for his crimes, including my sister's murder. Fazia championed fairness, and succeeded as an entrepreneur by believing in others, she would be pleased to know that the Alliance has been purged of such a corrupt presence."[9]

07 JUN 3305

  • The Alliance Tribune has revealed that Admiral Frederick Yamamoto has committed multiple crimes at the behest of Alliance president Gibson Kincaid. In a detailed report, journalist Vanya Driscoll said: "As part of a plea bargain to avoid life imprisonment, Yamamoto has provided Alliance Interpol with data regarding actions carried out on the direct orders of President Kincaid. Along with the assassination of presidential candidate Fazia Silva, Yamamoto arranged to murder, injure and intimidate many others to facilitate Kincaid's rise to power. The admiral coordinated his efforts with a number of influential corporate, military and political figures, who allied themselves with Kincaid in exchange for certain advantages. This included a Bank of Zaonce senior director, who illegally redirected funds to bankroll Kincaid's re-election campaign. Kincaid's ultimate aim was to transfer executive power from Alioth to Zaonce, establishing a base of support to eventually become the supreme ruler of the Alliance. But with such a detailed and damning testimony from Yamamoto, it seems impossible that his presidency can survive these revelations."[10]

01 JUN 3305

  • Admiral Frederick Yamamoto, head of the Alliance fleet in Zaonce, has been charged with the assassination of former presidential candidate Fazia Silva. The shocking statement was delivered by Tashmira Silva, who became CEO of Silva Holdings Inc after her sister's death: "When the inquiry into Fazia's murder closed, I hired the Wallglass Investigations Agency at great expense to uncover the truth. They identified that a professional assassin with a background in the Alliance Defence Force was responsible. Unravelling a complex trail of financial evidence and encrypted communications led directly to Admiral Yamamoto. He personally arranged to have Fazia killed during the presidential election campaign, presumably to remove her political threat to his friend Gibson Kincaid." Alliance Interpol recently verified the Wallglass report and has now detained Yamamoto pending trial. The Zaonce fleet has been placed under the joint command of the Council of Admirals. There has been no comment from President Kincaid.[11]

31 OCT 3304

  • The investigation into the death of Alliance presidential candidate Fazia Silva has concluded. No convictions have been made. Inspector Erin Sangster of Alliance Interpol made this statement: "The death of Fazia Silva has been officially ruled as homicide. The use of a sophisticated nerve toxin and the circumvention of security at Hume Orbital suggests the involvement of one or more professional assassins. Unfortunately, we have now exhausted all possible avenues of investigation, and are left with no option but to consider the case closed." President Gibson Kincaid told the media: "I have no doubt that the murder of Ms. Silva was designed to disrupt our democracy, and I will not rest until the Alliance's enemies pay for their crimes." Tashmira Silva has now assumed permanent control of her late sister's corporate empire.[12]

17 OCT 3304

  • Gibson Kincaid was announced as the winner of the Alliance presidential election. He will continue serving as president of the Alliance. Kincaid obtained a small majority of the public vote, defeating Councillor Elijah Beck. Entrepreneur Fazia Silva, the third candidate in the race, was recently found dead, and is the subject of an Interpol investigation. President Kincaid addressed his followers at a victory rally: "My thanks go to every citizen who saw the wisdom of my vision. I vow to lead you into a glorious future!" Prime Minister Edmund Mahon gave a statement to the media: "I offer my congratulations to President Kincaid on being successfully re-elected. The Assembly is continuing to debate his proposal to imbue the presidential role with executive powers. We have agreed to extend the deadline by one week, after which a parliamentary vote will decide the outcome."[13]

05 OCT 3304

  • Alliance presidential candidate Fazia Silva was found dead in her room at Hume Orbital, Mullag, and authorities believed she had been murdered. Inspector Erin Sangster of Alliance Interpol informed the media: "Ms. Silva's body was found in a room at Hume Orbital, where she was staying during her presidential campaign. Medical teams detected traces of poison, making this a suspected homicide." There has already been speculation that this was a political killing, motivated by Silva's proposed changes to Alliance financial policy. The entrepreneur also had fierce rivals in the business world. Her sister Tashmira Silva, who has been overseeing the Silva corporate empire, stated: "Our family is devastated – we can't believe that Fazia has been taken from us. I will honour her by continuing to run the companies that she made so successful." Condolences have been delivered by Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and both of Ms Silva's election rivals, Gibson Kincaid and Elijah Beck. President Kincaid said: "This tragedy constitutes a direct attack on our democracy. The Alliance's enemies will do anything they can to destabilise us, including murder. If we are to fight back, we will need strong leadership."[14]

10 AUG 3304

  • The medical ship transporting Riri McAllister to an advanced medical facility for further treatment vanished. Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt issued a statement: "Having lost contact with the vessel we despatched ships to its last known location. We found only debris, suggesting the ship was attacked and either vaporised or hijacked. Either way, we assume the transport's crew to be dead. This may have been another act of vengeance from those affected by the League's fanaticism. Alternatively, someone connected to the League may have wanted to silence McAllister to prevent her from revealing information. It's also plausible that this was a rescue mission, and that McAllister was liberated by surviving members of the League. The League of Reparation is no longer considered a threat. As such, the tri-superpower taskforce formed to investigate them has been disbanded. Agents from Alliance Interpol, the Federal Intelligence Agency and the Imperial Internal Security Service have returned to their regular duties. Meanwhile, Riri McAllister has been listed as missing rather than dead. Although her survival is unlikely, we cannot ignore the risk that the woman once known as Nexus may one day reappear to pursue her twisted beliefs."[15]

27 JUL 3304

  • Following confirmation that the League of Reparation had been dismantled, with all of its members either captured or eliminated, Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt revealed that Riri McAllister had been surprisingly cooperative during questioning. McAllister believed that she was a direct descendant of Commander John Jameson, and that it was her duty to avenge his death at the hands of the Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm. She established the League a few years ago by recruiting misguided obsessives and mercenaries to her cause, and then targeted the descendants of INRA members, initially focusing on individuals to whom they could gain easy access. Dozens of people were murdered during this period. The League shifted to targeting high-profile individuals and leaving the message "For Jameson" at the scene of the crime after CMDR Jameson's crashed ship was discovered. Klatt noted that McAllister's ancestry claims could not be confirmed as she was registered as an orphan of unknown lineage, and further asserted that McAllister's beliefs were a long-held delusion or a product of a psychological disorder. Alliance Interpol later confirmed that McAllister would soon face trial for multiple terrorism-related charges.[16]

18 JUL 3304

  • At a special press conference, Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt of Alliance Interpol announced: "Prior to her death at the hands of the League of Reparation, I worked closely with my predecessor Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride. She revealed how Fleet Admiral Buchanan's assassination could only have been arranged by a senior figure within the Alliance Defence Force. She was patiently amassing evidence pertaining to this – a task that I inherited when she died. Information decrypted from the League's comms network has confirmed Kilbride's suspicions. I can also confirm that the arrest of Admiral George Varma was due to false leads – misdirection on the part of Varma's protégé within the Alliance Defence Force, Rear Admiral Riri McAllister. Rear Admiral McAllister is Nexus, the League's central coordinator. She has now been arrested and formally charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism. We have released Admiral Varma with our apologies. The decrypted data has also revealed the location of two major League enclaves. The taskforce is organising an operation to eradicate these groups, which we hope will be supported by the galactic community."[17]

27 JUN 3304

  • Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride has been murdered by terrorist organisation the League of Reparation, along with four other agents of Alliance Interpol. The incident took place in the city of New Rossyth on Turner's World. A spokesperson for Interpol released a brief report: "Chief Inspector Kilbride was acting on information that a League cell was operating from an abandoned foundry complex in New Rossyth. She led an assault team with the intention of capturing the terrorists. Preliminary forensics suggest that the entire complex was rigged with concealed explosives. Kilbride and four of her colleagues were killed instantly, with seven others injured." Kilbride was one of three founding members of the tri-superpower taskforce investigating the League of Reparation. The other two, Captain Niamh Seutonia and Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez, made a rare joint statement on behalf of the Imperial Internal Security Service and the Federal Intelligence Agency: "This is a sad day. We have lost one of our greatest champions in the fight against terrorism. It's clear that the Chief Inspector was personally targeted with misinformation designed to lure her into a trap – an act of retaliation for her recent successes against the League. Although we mourn the loss of Inspector Kilbride, our work continues. Alliance Interpol has assigned Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt to assume the role of taskforce liaison. We look forward to working with her to eliminate this fanatical organisation." Deputy Inspector Klatt was unavailable for comment.[18]

20 JUN 3304

  • A homicide attempt by terrorist organisation the League of Reparation has been foiled, and the would-be killers taken into custody. The arrests were made by Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride of Alliance Interpol, who is part of the united taskforce investigating the League. She released this statement: "I am pleased to confirm that the latest assassination attempt by the League of Reparation has been prevented, and that we have apprehended several of the group's members. The operation involved revealing the location of one Dinah Law, a descendant of INRA employee Trystan Law. We anticipated that the League would follow its modus operandi and attempt to eliminate Ms Law, so with her cooperation we placed taskforce agents at her home. Fortunately, they were able to overpower the terrorists. The captives have been transported to a secure Interpol facility for interrogation. Our primary aim is to establish the identity of Nexus – the entity that provides the organisation's members with their instructions. I have already conducted preliminary questioning of the prisoners and have acquired some significant facts. I'm confident that this is the beginning of the end for the League of Reparation, and that the taskforce's efforts will soon pay off."[19]

14 JUN 3304

  • A recent report suggests that terrorist organisation the League of Reparation may be responsible for many more deaths than previously suspected. Independent journalist Flint 'Firemaker' Lafosse shared his theories on the Rewired newsfeed: "We know these League guys are wiping out people whose grandfolks used to work for the INRA, and it seems like things started when they poisoned that Imperial senator. But what if that wasn't their first murder, merely the first time they claimed responsibility? What if they’ve been active for years and nobody noticed? I've been digging through old records of unsolved homicides. There's a dozen in the Federation alone where the cause of death was some kind of 'nerve agent' – just like with the senator and a few others. Not all the victims were identified, but I found four who definitely had the INRA in their past. These people didn't die recently but between one and five years ago. Coincidence? The League also likes to blast its targets out of the sky. Think of all those unexplained shipwrecks found drifting in space over the years. How many were because one of the crew had some long-forgotten INRA connection? Dozens... hundreds? How long has the League been hiding among us, silently taking out ordinary people? And who's next?" Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride of Alliance Interpol responded on behalf of the united taskforce investigating the League: "We cannot verify that these cold cases have any link with the League of Reparation. We'd also like to caution against this kind of baseless conjecture, which only serves to spread confusion. We are still pursuing more concrete leads, and hope to make a breakthrough very soon."[20]

17 MAY 3304

  • A member of the Council of Admirals, which commands the Alliance Defence Force, has been murdered. The League of Reparation has claimed responsibility. Fleet Admiral Tulimaq Buchanan was travelling to a naval ceremony at Lave Station when his private vessel was attacked and destroyed. The admiral's personal staff and the ship's crew were also killed. Moments later, the following message was transmitted to news feeds across the galaxy: "We do not forget the crimes of the INRA. We do not forgive those who carry their guilt. For Jameson." Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride, a founding member of the tri-superpower taskforce investigating the League, delivered the following statement: "We are treating this attack as an act of terrorism from the League of Reparation. Fleet Admiral Buchanan's family history verifies that one of his forebears was a senior commander in the INRA prior to settling down on Lave over a century ago. We are working to identify the attackers, who somehow managed to avoid local security forces. There's evidence to suggest that the League's assassins are being aided by sympathetic individuals in positions of influence. Our investigation continues." The Alliance Assembly released a joint statement: "This is a sickening and cowardly act of aggression that has cost us dearly. Such a brutal assault on our people and values cannot go unpunished." Commodore Riri McAllister spoke on behalf of the Alliance Defence Force: "A replacement member for the Council of Admirals will soon be appointed. In the meantime, we are doing all we can to support the taskforce in tracking down these criminals."[21]