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Eden was the first planet on which liquid water was detected by spectroscopic methods in 2038, and so it was a major driving force for the exploration of space. However, Eden turned out to be extremely inhospitable with the added danger of hard radiation from Proxima. There is now a small research station on Eden, but little else in the rest of the system. Star was once known as Rigel Kentaurus.

Late in 3301 a rag-tag collection of Independent Commanders selflessly came to the aid of Hutton Mug Co. to help kick-start the creation of the Hutton Mug; the rare item that can only be found at Hutton Orbital in the Alpha Centauri system. Over 2.4 million tonnes of scrap were delivered by the Truckers, all the while evading and eventually confronting the many concerted attacks by pirates and other Ne'er-do-wells who blockaded the platform, determined to block the Mug Companies[sic] efforts. In the aftermath of the famed Mug Run many intrepid commanders decided to formalise their association to the Co-Operative, vowing to protect the hallowed route and, perhaps one day, find a cure for MODS.

— In-Game Description

Alpha Centauri is an independent system within the Core Systems in the Inner Orion Spur known as the closest star system to Sol. It is notorious for the vast distance of 6,784,404 ls or 0.22 ly between the hyperspace jump arrival point at Alpha Centauri A and the furthest of the system's two orbital outposts, Hutton Orbital, which can take well over an hour to traverse in supercruise.

Two Rare Commodities are available at Hutton Orbital: Centauri Mega Gin and The Hutton Mug.

System Layout

  • Alpha Centauri A (Class G Star)
  • Alpha Centauri B (Class K Star)
    • Alpha Centauri B 1 (Landfall body, Metal-rich Body)
  • Barycentre of the stars Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B
    • 2045 PC2 (Landfall body, Rocky Body)
    • Lagrange (Class I gas giant)
      • al-Din Prospect (Outpost)
      • 2042 L1 (Landfall body, Rocky Body)
    • 2071 AC3 (Class I gas giant)
    • Proxima Centauri (Class M Star)

Minor Factions

  • Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative (Democracy, Independent)
  • Partnership of Alpha Centauri (Confederacy, Federation)
  • Ross 154 Vision Partners (Corporate, Federation)
  • Wolf 562 Major Inc (Corporate, Federation)
  • Alpha Centauri Liberals (Democracy, Federation)
  • 61 Virginis Public Systems (Corporate, Federation)
  • Alpha Centauri Advanced Corp. (Corporate, Federation)