Ammonia Planet

An Ammonia planet, also called ammonia world, has a surface covered in ammonia lakes or oceans and an atmosphere with ammonia clouds. It appears dark brown due to high amounts of dissolved alkaline earth metals. The terrain is dark as well with dark or black vegetation.

Climate Edit

The climate of an Ammonia planet has ammonia instead of water vapor on Earth. This means rain and snow is all ammonia based. It is much colder on an Ammonia planet with mean temperatures of −150°F, −115°C. The atmosphere has primarily nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2) with ammonia (NH3) and a small amount of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Life Edit

Life can exist on ammonia planets. It would need to withstand extreme cold temperatures and use ammonia as a solvent rather than water on Earth. Plants could use photosynthesis from light of a star or chemosynthesis.

It's rumored that Thargoids originate from Ammonia planets. This means they're acclimatised to much colder temperatures than humans.[1]

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