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Amphora Plant

These organic structures take their name from a type of container dating from Earth's Neolithic period.

— In-Game Description

Amphora Plants are a species of Fungal Life that have been found on the surfaces of airless planets and moons across the galaxy. They are greenish, tubular growths that roughly resemble amphorae. Amphora Plants were first discovered following the introduction of new scanning hardware and software in late 3304. They have a clonal colony range of 100m.


Minimum distance between two genetic samples: 100 m.

Conditions of occurrence[]

  • Parent Star: type A
  • Planets types: planets with no atmosphere, Metal Rich
  • One of the following planets types has to be present in the system:
    • Earth-Like World
    • Ammoniac
    • Gas Giant with water based life
    • Gas Giant with ammonia based life
    • Water Giant


Amphora Plants have been found at the following locations.

System Planet Reported by
Blo Eurl YN-T d3-45
Schreang PN-K d8-3 B 1 CMDR Pin72[1]
Synookeia LQ-P d5-104 1 CMDR Xarmir
Prua Phio ZL-T d4-56 1 CMDR Seven