Anaconda Graveyard in HD 76133 Planet 1 C

Anaconda Graveyard in HD 76133 Planet 1 C

The Anaconda Graveyard marks the location where the community-led Distant Stars Expedition of 3303 came to an end... be warned, if you visit, there's a reason why there are so many Anacondas laid to rest at this location; the planet is a point of no return! The site, nestled in the M67 star cluster is beautiful to behold... but don't expect to be making the return journey.[1]

Leaving M67 star cluster is tough. Because the climb out is almost 220 LY long with no neutron star on the other side. So until there's a huge breakthrough in faster-than-light travel there is no return.


The Anaconda graveyard can be found here:

  • HD 76133 (Elysium's Rest) ~ Planet 1 C ~ 23.488 / 81.934 ~ 0.18G

There's a tourist spot 0706 with history about the Distant Stars Expedition 3303.[2]




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