Anaconda Graveyard on HD 76133 1 C in 3306

The Anaconda Graveyard is a Shipwreck in the HD 76133 system, on the surface of planet 1 C at the coordinates 23.488, 81.934. It consists of a number of crashed Anacondas that traveled to the system as part of the Distant Stars Expedition in 3303. The event is memorialized by Tourist Beacon 0706 , which can be found at the site.


Distant Stars

HD 76133, nestled in the M67 star cluster, had been chosen by the Distant Stars Expedition's organisers as the endpoint of the journey because of its remoteness, vistas, and one other unique quality: because conventional ships can only achieve the necessary 220 ly jump range and travel to the system with the aid of FSD Supercharging, and HD 76133 lacks a neutron star itself, the trip is generally one way. Upon arriving in the system on January 29, 3303 and formally concluding the expedition, the pilots deliberately scuttled their ships by crashing them into the surface of HD 76133 1 C since they lacked the jump range needed to leave the system.[1] The wreckage of their ships form the Anaconda Graveyard.[2][3]

First Fleet Carrier rescue

HD 76133 was the site of the first ever rescue operation involving a Fleet Carrier on June 9, 3306. The Fuel Rats were contacted by a client who had become stranded in the system months earlier, and quickly readied their first Drake-Class Carrier, The Rat Nest owned by CMDR RatMama, for its inaugural mission. The client was safely rescued and returned to the Core Systems in a matter of hours.[4]



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