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Guardian Ancient Obelisk

Ancient Obelisks are ancient Guardian devices found at Ancient Ruins and Guardian Structures.

Data Materials

By scanning the obelisk you can download data patterns (materials) such as:

Decrypting Guardian Logs

Guardian Ancient Obelisk Pictograms

Ram Tah offers missions which involve scanning obelisks with the correct items in order to receive messages containing interesting Guardian lore. There are 28 spread across multiple locations. In the structures are Obelisks – some are lit up with symbols. These symbols indicate which items you need on board in order to retrieve the message from the obelisk. The Obelisk displays pictograms of the items required for a successful scan.[1] Once you have the correct items in your SRV approach the obelisk and scan with the SRV data link scanner. You should get a message saying that the combination was correct, and an inbox message containing lore, and an audio message.[2]