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The first step to everywhere.

— Apex Interstellar's slogan

Apex Interstellar Transport is a shuttle service that allows commanders to travel between most starports and settlements without the need to operate their own ship. Flights can be booked at Apex Interstellar Transport booths in Concourses for a fee.


Apex shuttle orbit

An Apex Interstellar Transport shuttle in flight

Apex Interstellar Transport maintains franchise locations at most Concourses. Commanders at settlements can also remotely call for a shuttle in order to depart the area. Apex shuttles can be booked to transport commanders to designated "Drop Off Points" in inhabited systems, including starports, outposts, surface ports, and settlements. Total costs for the shuttle service include a Supercruise Fee, for intra-system travel, and a Hyperspace Fee, for interstellar travel. The base Supercruise Fee is 100 Credits and the Hyperspace Fee is only applied if a route involves making hyperspace jumps to other systems.

Apex maintains a dedicated shuttle hangar at every port where they offer their services. The company's fleet consists of custom Adders with Apex-branded livery and a unique internal configuration with four pilot seats, one of which is reserved for the Apex pilot. Once a flight is booked, commanders have five minutes to enter the hangar and board the shuttle before it departs, or cancel the booking. Cancelled bookings are refunded in full. If a commander does not cancel and also fails to board their shuttle, it will depart as scheduled regardless, and the booking fee will not be refunded.

Apex shuttle passengers have the option of redirecting the shuttle mid-flight for an additional fee. If the shuttle has sufficient fuel, it can be directed to either return to its departure point or diverted to a new destination.


  • Apex Interstellar Transport shuttles convey their passengers to destinations in real time. If a player quits the game during transit, the shuttle will pause its journey, and resume it when the player logs back in.
  • Apex shuttles have a standard jump range of 21.68 ly and an unladen jump range of 23.88 ly.
  • Apex shuttles are not equipped with a Fuel Scoop and the maximum number of jumps they can make, typically six or seven, is limited by their fuel capacity. It is therefore impossible to take a shuttle from Sol to Colonia, for example, due to the distance involved. Isolated inhabited systems with no inhabited neighbours within range do not offer interstellar shuttles
  • If the player is wanted, NPCs who notice this will attack and destroy the player's Apex shuttle.
  • While playing in Open, other players can interdict and destroy Apex shuttles, which is frequently exploited by griefers.
  • Odyssey Update 7 added optional mid-flight redirecting to Apex shuttle flights.[1]
  • Apex Interstellar Transport is not available in Fleet Carrier Concourses.