Armour Hardness, also known as Armour Rating, is a value of a ships hull that plays a role in how much damage is dealt by weapon fire on said hull. It is based on the ship model and can not be altered by any outfitting or engineering options.

Effect on Damage Edit

If the weapons Pierce Rating lies above the ships Hardness Rating the full damage will be dealt to the targeted ship. If not the damage will be calculated differently:

Dealt Damage

This means that a weapon will deal 24% of its damage in the worst case (with 18 Pierce and 75 Hardness), with the exception of the Cytoscrambler Burst Laser that deals 1.33-5.00% of its damage making it useless against hulls.

Armour Hardness Ratings Edit

Ship Rating
Type-10 Defender 75
Imperial Cutter 70
Federal Corvette
Type-9 Heavy 65
Alliance Chieftain, Alliance Challenger, and Alliance Crusader
Beluga Liner 60
Federal Dropship, Federal Assault Ship, and Federal Gunship
Imperial Clipper
Krait MkII 55
Krait Phantom
Type-7 Transporter 54
Asp Explorer and Asp Scout 52
Keelback 45
Diamondback Explorer 42
Diamondback Scout 40
Cobra MkIII and Cobra MkIV 35
Viper MkIII and Viper MkIV
Type-6 Transporter
Imperial Courier 30
Imperial Eagle 28
Eagle MkII
Hauler 20
Sidewinder MkI

Armour Pierce Ratings Edit

The Armour Pierce Rating depends type and class of the weapon used.

Class independent Weapon type Rating
Mining Lasers 18
Mines 60
Missiles (normal and AX)
Remote Release Flak Launchers
Plasma Accelerators 100
Torpedoes >100
Class dependent Beam Lasers 18-60
Burst Lasers 20-65
Pulse Lasers
Cannons 30-90
Fragment Cannons 20-45
Multi-Cannons 22-68
Exceptions Cytoscrambler Burst Laser 1
Enforcer Cannon (Multi-Cannon) 30