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Perfect for extended field operations in remote areas, the Artemis suit offers greater energy efficiency in exchange for reduced shield health. It also comes with a genetic sampler for cataloguing organic discoveries.

— In-Game Description

The Artemis Suit is a suit manufactured by Supratech. It is an exploration model designed for scientific duties such as exobiology. It is the only suit model equipped with the Genetic Sampler.


The Artemis Suit is purpose-built for exobiology and is the only suit model that can use the Genetic Sampler, an essential tool in that profession. Although less durable than the Dominator Suit, and less useful in scavenging and looting than the Maverick Suit, the Artemis Suit can be equipped with a primary weapon, providing it with a moderate defensive or even offensive capability should exploration activities be suddenly interrupted by combat situations. It also possesses the best jetpack of all existing suit models. Engineering modifications can be installed to bolster the suit's combat capabilities if desired, or used to increase its scientific utility if the wearer does not anticipate hostile encounters.


Grade Modification Cost Shield Regen
Shield Health Engineer
Mod Slots
1 N/A 0.88 12.0 0
2 1x Suit Schematic
1x Health Monitor
1x Power Regulator
1x Manufacturing Instructions
5x Aerogel
5x Graphene
600,000 CR
1.07 14.7 1
3 5x Suit Schematic
5x Health Monitor
5x Power Regulator
5x Manufacturing Instructions
15x Aerogel
15x Graphene
2,250,000 CR
1.32 18.0 2
4 10x Suit Schematic
10x Health Monitor
10x Power Regulator
10x Manufacturing Instructions
25x Aerogel
25x Graphene
4,500,000 CR
1.62 22.1 3
5 15x Suit Schematic
15x Health Monitor
15x Power Regulator
15x Manufacturing Instructions
35x Aerogel
35x Graphene
7,500,000 CR
1.98 27.0 4


This suit can be modified by Engineers to enhance its abilities. Pioneer Supplies may also occasionally offer this suit with a modification pre-installed. Modifications include: