Aster Pod

An Aster Pod

These pods contain the seeds of the aster tree, a space-based organism with some of the qualities of a terrestrial plant.

— In-Game Description

Aster Pods are seed pods found in Notable Stellar Phenomena that are produced by Aster Trees.

Research Limpets can extract Pod Core Tissue, Pod Surface Tissue, or Pod Dead Tissue from Aster Pods.


There are five known types of Aster Pods:

  • Cereum Aster Pod
  • Lindigoticum Aster Pod
  • Prasinum Aster Pod
  • Puniceum Aster Pod
  • Rubellum Aster Pod


Aster Pods have been found at the following locations.

System Type Reported By
Cliewoae NT-F d12-0 Cereum CMDR Pilotpirx
Cliewoae VA-L d9-0 Lindigoticum CMDR Pilotpirx
Cliewoae UF-L d9-0 Prasinum CMDR Pilotpirx
Pyrooe Dryiae ZQ-C d0 Puniceum CMDR Pilotpirx
Cliewoae DS-H d11-0 Rubellum CMDR Pilotpirx




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