Attilius Orbital is an Orbis Starport in the permit-locked system CD-43 11917. It is only accessible after reaching "prestige" ranking in CQC.[1]

This is the home of the elite pilots of CQC, the Prestiges. The station has palms and gardens. It is a beautiful and relaxing place to be when not fighting anywhere in the galaxy.

Attilius Orbital sells all ships and modules, but also offers some of them at a discount. The Sidewinder MkI, Eagle MkII, Viper MkIII, Cobra MkIII, Diamondback Scout, Diamondback Explorer, Vulture, Fer-de-Lance are available at a 20% discount. The Pulse Laser, Burst Laser, Beam Laser, Cannon, Multi-cannon, Railgun, Chaff Launcher, Heatsink Launcher are available at a 30% discount (the discount does not apply to any Class 3, Class 4, or Turret versions of these modules).


  • The main menu of Elite Dangerous in VR shows an Eagle Mk II and an SRV inside a small hangar in Attilius Orbital, based on the "Welcome to Attilius Orbital" text on the hangar wall.


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