Attilius Orbital
Station typeOrbis
FactionCQC Holdings
FacilitiesMarket - Outfitting - Restock - Refuel - Shipyard - Repair
Trade data
EconomiesHigh Tech, Military
ImportsPolymers, Cobalt, Pyrophyllite
ExportsHydrogen Fuel, Animal Meat, Scrap
ProhibitedNarcotics, Tobacco, Combat Stabilisers, Imperial Slaves, Slaves, Personal Weapons, Battle Weapons, Toxic Waste, Wuthielo Ku Froth, Bootleg Liquor, Landmines, Unknown Artefact

Attilius Orbital is an Orbis Starport in the permit-locked system CD-43 11917. It is only accessible after reaching "prestige" ranking in CQC.[1]

This is the home of the elite pilots of CQC, the Prestiges. The station has palms and gardens. It is a beautiful and relaxing place to be when not fighting anywhere in the galaxy.

Attilius Orbital sells all ships and modules, but also offers some of them at a discount. The Sidewinder MkI, Eagle MkII, Viper MkIII, Cobra MkIII, Diamondback Scout, Diamondback Explorer, Vulture, Fer-de-Lance are available at a 20% discount. The Pulse Laser, Burst Laser, Beam Laser, Cannon, Multi-cannon, Railgun, Chaff Launcher, Heatsink Launcher are available at a 30% discount (the discount does not apply to any Class 3, Class 4, or Turret versions of these modules).


  • The main menu of Elite Dangerous in VR shows an Eagle Mk II and an SRV inside a small hangar in Attilius Orbital, based on the "Welcome to Attilius Orbital" text on the hangar wall.


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