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Bacterium Alcyoneum - Green

True unicellular extremophiles capable of living in the full spectrum of temperatures, chemical soups and atmospheres. They form a kaleidoscopic range of patterns and colours based on their method of metabolism. They derive energy from photosynthetic, chemosynthetic or thermosynthetic processes. There are believed to be the precursors for many life forms, and are often found in conjunction with other species. Links between the biochemistry of bacterial colonies and neighbouring organisms are likely but as yet unproven.

— In-Game Description

Bacterium are a species of alien organism found on planets and moons with thin atmospheres across the galaxy. They can be sampled with the Genetic Sampler and scanned with the Short Range Composition Scanner for a reward voucher of 2,500 credits.


There are thirteen known types of Bacterium:

  • Bacterium Acies
  • Bacterium Alcyoneum
  • Bacterium Aurasus
  • Bacterium Bullaris
  • Bacterium Cerbrus
  • Bacterium Informem
  • Bacterium Nebulus
  • Bacterium Omentum
  • Bacterium Scopulum
  • Bacterium Tela
  • Bacterium Verrata
  • Bacterium Vesicula
  • Bacterium Volu


System Planet Coordinates Type Reported By
Grea Eaescs QX-W b29-0 B 2 Acies CMDR Backer #-1963
HD 77672 Alcyoneum CMDR Hyper Floyd
Gru Eoq JY-H d10-18 8 E 62.1297, 167.6814 Aurasus CMDR Methan Disery
LBN 623 Sector BQ-Y d42 7 38.0247, -75.5663 Aurasus - Yellow CMDR Flury
Belispel B 6 Bullaris CMDR Backer #-1963
Col 285 Sector RU-F c11-14 B 3 -7.2996, 6.0553 Cerbrus CMDR R0ss
Ra' Takakhan 9 D Informem CMDR Eleanor Daerani
Crucis Sector OI-T a3-1 Nebulus CMDR ModnMaster
Col 359 Sector NN-A c14-16 Omentum CMDR Zelenon
Graea Hypue GW-M d7-72 A 5 41.8816, 76.7138 Tela CMDR Chiozaki
Wregoe QT-A b45-0 Verrata CMDR Gookanheimer
Praea EUQ RF-T b5-0 Vesicula CMDR Hobo Jelly