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Vacuum Krill are astonishing creatures. One of the few species to live in the hard vacuum of space, they are native to the ice rings around Baltah'sine 4b. Their eggs grow in vast numbers in tiny water pockets within the rocks - kept liquid by secretions from the mother when the eggs are first laid. When mature, they eventually burrow their way out, propelling themselves between rocks with tiny excretions of fluid, in search of a mate.

— In-Game Description

Baltah'sine Vacuum Krill is one of the few known alien species to live in the vacuum of space. They were discovered in the ice rings around Baltah'sine 4b. They lay tiny pockets of eggs within icy rocks. Secretions from the mother keeps the eggs liquid. Mature Vacuum Krill can move between rocks with tiny fluid excretions.

It's also a specific commodity item of Foods in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous.

Rare goods increase in value the further you travel from their point of purchase.

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