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Bark Mounds and SRV.png|Bark Mounds and an SRV
Bark Mounds and SRV.png|Bark Mounds and an SRV
Colonia 3 C A Fungal life 1.png|A Bark Mound with a Polyporus Growth
Colonia 3 C A Fungal life 1.png|A Bark Mound with a Polyporus Growth
Elite - Dangerous (CLIENT) 18.07.2020 07_43_21.png|Bark Mounds in Seagull Sector FG-Y d6 on B4 planet

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Bark-Mounds-in-Witch Head Sector XE-Q B5-0 B 2

Bark Mounds on planet B 2 in Witch Head Sector XE-Q b5-0

Bark Mounds are a species of Fungal Life that have been found on the surfaces of airless planets and moons across the galaxy. They resemble tall conical spires and bear various growths that can be harvested for Materials.

They were first discovered in California Sector BA-A e6 in the California Nebula in late 3302. On October 13, 3302, the Alliance began colonising the California Nebula to study them alongside the Thargoid Barnacles that had been found there months earlier.[1] A second Bark Mound Site was discovered on Colonia 3 C A in the Colonia Region by CMDR Alesia on October 29, 3302.[2]


System Planet Coordinates Reported By
California Sector BA-A e6 4 Outside Mic Turner Base
Colonia 3 C A 47.21, -174.16 CMDR Alesia
Dryaea Flee GC-D d12-2653 A 1 B A -35.4894, 19.5865 [3]
Floaln NO-Z d13-9 12 C A -12.2114, -82.3145 [3]
Witch Head Sector XE-Q b5-0 B 2 0.429, 128.08 [4]
Hind Sector BQ-Y d8 4 A 2.0212, 29.3401 [5]
Flyiedgai LR-P b49-2 C 1 & 2 2 sites on C 1, 4 sites on C 2
V2214 Orionis A 1-3, 4 Multiple sites, all planets CMDR Opal VI
Trifid Sector IR-W d1-159 C 4 Multiple sites
Greae Phio DT-G d11-2186 B 3 F 4 sites
Bleethuae NI-B d674 2 D A -28.177, -177.980 CMDR Erimus
IC 4604 Sector FB-X C1-17 A 1 5 Sites
Elephant's Trunk Sector ZU-Y c9 A 3-6 Multiple sites CMDR xarmir
Trapezium Sector YT-A c9 B 2 -51.8526, -142.8290 CMDR JackassJames
Witch Head Sector QT-Q b5-0 A 6 A 2 sites
Preae Ain PD-Z c1-34 1 A Multiples sites CMDR Cyzair
Driode Prou OM-V c2-27 B 3 Multiples sites CMDR Cyzair
Seagull Sector FG-Y d6 B 4 Multiple sites CMDR Trufel Aubaris




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