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Bark-Mounds-in-Witch Head Sector XE-Q B5-0 B 2

Bark mounds in Witch Head Sector XE-Q B5-0 B 2. Coordinates: 0.429, 128.08

Bark Mounds are a type of Fungal Life that have been found at several locations around the galaxy. They resemble tall conical spires with fungal growth resembling those found on other fungal life.

They were first discovered on Colonia 3 C A, and have now been found at other locations throughout the galaxy. A Tourist Beacon at Mic Turner Base on California Sector BA-A E6 4 describes how these are being studied to support research into organic structures and meta-alloys.

It is unknown what relation (if any) these have to other forms of Fungal Life found so far.

Locations Edit

System Planet Coordinates Reported By
Dryaea Flee GC-D d12-2653 A 1 B A -35.4894, 19.5865 [1]
Floaln NO-Z d13-9 12 C A -12.2114, -82.3145 [1]
Witch Head Sector XE-Q b5-0 B 2 0.429, 128.08 [2]
Hind Sector BQ-Y d8 4 A 2.0212, 29.3401 [3]
Flyiedgai LR-P b49-2 C 1 & 2 2 sites on C 1, 4 sites on C 2
V2214 Orionis A 1-3, 4 Multiple sites, all planets CMDR Opal VI
Trifid Sector IR-W d1-159 C 4 Multiple sites
Greae Phio DT-G d11-2186 B 3 F 4 sites
Bleethuae NI-B d674 2 D A -28.177, -177.980 CMDR Erimus
IC 4604 Sector FB-X C1-17 A 1 5 Sites

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