Elite Dangerous is a hard game to get into, especially for beginners. The designers deliberately do not hold a player's hands.

There are lots of guides around the internet to help new players, not least those from the developers. This page will hold links to a few of them.

Getting Started Edit

The first video is a third party video but covers pretty much everything a new player requires.

General Gameplay Edit

The Pilot Tutorials are the official training videos made by Frontier Developments.

Wings Edit

How to fly together with friends.

Powerplay Edit

How to pledge to the Galactic Powers, and work for them.

CQC / Arena Edit

Close Quarter Combat Arena. A multi-player combat game, separate from the main game.

Elite Dangerous Horizons Edit

Horizons is a season of DLC updates adding planetary landings and other content.

Player Roles Edit

There are lots of roles that a player can take on. Here are guides specifically for each of them.

Trading Edit

Trading is one of the first activities a new player can get into and has the potential to excel at. However it is not so easy to find good trade routes.

Combat Edit

Combat between ships is a huge part of this game, but something that a beginner is advised to try to avoid if possible. Sometimes you cannot avoid it, and you'll need some tips.

Piracy Edit

This type of role brings combat skills to the fore and to try to force other ships to give up their cargo. Not recommended for beginners.

Bounty Hunting Edit

This type of role brings combat skills to the fore and to seek out wanted ships with bounties to claim upon their destruction. Not recommended for beginners.

Mining Edit

Mining is another activity that a beginner can try. As a minimum you can mine with a Mining Laser and a basic Refinery, so you need a bit of cash before you can start.

Exploration Edit

Equipping your ship with a Discovery Scanner can enable your ship to fly out and find undiscovered stars, systems and planets, and bring back this information for a cash reward.

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