These organisms are so called because of the bell-like shape of their shell. Despite being animals, they generate chemical energy through a process similar to photosynthesis, using their tentacles to absorb starlight.

— In-Game Description


Bell Mollusc

Bell Molluscs are non-sapient, spacefaring creatures that inhabit Lagrange Clouds and loosely resemble Earth-like molluscs. When scanned with a Data Link Scanner, Bell Molluscs will emit a green gas and move toward the ship, and when shot at they will flee.[1]

Types Edit

There are two known types of Bell Molluscs:

  • Albulum Bell Mollusc
  • Lindigoticum Bell Mollusc

Locations Edit

Bell Molluscs have been found at the following locations.

System Type Reported By
Blaa Hypai OZ-O d6-16 Lindigoticum CMDR Eldrich

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. YouTube: Elite: Dangerous - Lindigoticum Bell Mollusc - Interesting Traits
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