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Bill Turner claims to be the son of the famous but elusive late Mic Turner, and despite his young age he's reputed to be a wizard with utilities and plasma accelerators.

— In-game description

Bill Turner is an engineer who specialises in Plasma Accelerators and utilities. His workshop is Turner Metallics Inc, located in the Alioth system.


Bill Turner is a willing co-conspirator of The Club. He claims to have founded the company MetaDrive which was reverse-engineering Thargoid ship drive technology to create concealed Frame Shift Drive wakes.[1]

Access Requirements

Achieve Grade 3 access plus at least 1/3 progress towards Grade 4 with Selene Jean.
Meeting Requirements
Gain Friendly or higher reputation with the Alliance.
Note: Accessing Alioth requires the Alioth permit, which is only issued after gaining an Allied reputation with the Alioth Independents minor faction.
Unlock Requirements
Provide 50 units of Bromellite.
Reputation Gain
Craft modules.

Modifications Offered

The following modifications to modules are available from this engineer:

Auto Field-Maintenance Unit (Grade 3)

Detailed Surface Scanner (Grade 5)

Frame Shift Wake Scanner (Grade 3)

Fuel Scoop (Grade 3)

Kill Warrant Scanner (Grade 3)

Life Support (Grade 3)

Manifest Scanner (Grade 3)

Plasma Accelerator (Grade 5)

Refinery (Grade 3)

Sensors (Grade 5)