Black inhaling thruster exhaust

Maia B black hole inhaling thruster exhaust from Krait Mk II

Type-9 Heavy and Black Hole

Black hole and a Type-9

Black holes are typically the stellar remnants of super massive stars of twenty solar masses or more, that have reached the end of their lives. Nuclear fusion has ceased, and the star collapsed to the most extreme point possible - where gravity is so extreme light itself can no longer escape. If matter should fall on to such a body, an extreme burst of gamma radiation will be emitted, but otherwise the body is only visible by the gravitational distortion in the vicinity. In many cases black holes can be seen emitting brightly in X-rays because of matter falling on to their surface from a companion body.

Note: Obviously going near a black hole is not a good idea, but in the game they are not as dangerous as you may think. When approaching the anomaly you will only take heat damage until your ship drops out of Supercruise, and when you re-activate supercruise, it simply asks you to aim to an escape vector to get away from the black hole. Especially small black holes of only a few solar masses are particularly harmless since they cause insignificant heat buildup, and flying into one is impossible because of the Body Exclusion Zone.[1]

  • Not fuel scoop-able
  • Rare

Supermassive Black Holes Edit


Sagittarius A*

Supermassive black holes (SMBHs) tend to form when an initial black hole begins to swallow even more mass including other black holes. They acquire an incredible amount of mass over time, on the order of hundreds of thousands to billions of solar masses. They are found in the center of almost all currently known massive galaxies, including the Milky Way.[2]

  • Not fuel scoop-able
  • Unique
  • Rare

Note: Sagittarius A* is a unique supermassive black hole of the Milky Way galaxy and can be found in the galactic core.

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