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Accessing the Black Market

Selling stolen and illegal goods

Some Stations and Surface Ports feature a Black Market, a separate service from the Commodities Market where smugglers can sell Stolen Goods and Illegal Goods. While using a Black Market is technically illegal except under Anarchy governments, security forces in systems where Black Markets exist only concern themselves with catching smugglers, and will apply a fine or bounty on any ships that they detect carrying contraband.


The Black Market can be found in the Contacts menu at ports where it is available. To find out whether specific station has an active Black Market, open System Map, select the port, and check if "Black Market" is listed under the Facilities section. Systems with Black Markets can also be located in the Galaxy Map by selecting Services in the Map View Configuration and then Black Market.


The presence of a Black Market at a specific port is not constant, and depends primarily on the type of government of the minor faction that currently controls the port and the ebb and flow of the Background Simulation. If a port with an active Black Market is taken over by a minor faction that does not permit Black Markets, then the local Black Market will be disabled until the port is taken over by another minor faction that does permit Black Markets. If a minor faction controlling a port with an active Black Market enters the Lockdown state, then the local Black Market will be disabled until the Lockdown ends. If a minor faction enters the Civil Unrest state, then any local ports under its control will open a Black Market for the duration.

Governments that
tolerate Black Markets
Governments that
suppress Black Markets
Prison Colony

Note that using a Black Market will decrease the influence of the controlling minor faction.


Prices on the Black Market can vary greatly, depending on the goods and system. Generally, the Black Market subtracts 25% from normal commodity prices. For example, if a port offers 1,000,000 CR per unit of Low Temperature Diamonds in its Commodities Market, the Black Market will offer 750,000 CR.

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