Bonespire Publishing is a publishing company known for the Corsair King interactive novel series written by celebrated author Olav Redcourt.


On July 5, 3304, Olav Redcourt embarked on a two-month promotional tour for the fourteenth book in the series, Corsair King and the Storm of Desire, that would visit over fifty destinations, including Blatrimpe and Procyon.[1] The tour was cut short on August 2 when a frustrated Redcourt abruptly abandoned it and publicly broke ties with Bonespire Publishing. The company considered Redcourt to be in breach of contract, since he had agreed to write 15 Corsair King novels, but expressed its hope that Redcourt could be persuaded to return to the tour and the series.[2]

After Redcourt was reported missing by his friends and colleagues on November 11, 3304, Bonespire Publishing released a statement asserting the author was trying to avoid paying the multi-million credit fine he received for violating his contract, but offered to waive the fine if he returned to complete the Corsair King series.[3] Redcourt's agent, Margot Hist, reported on November 17 that Redcourt was alive and well at a writer's retreat at an undisclosed location while he worked on his new science fiction novel. Hist also explained that Redcourt planned to pay Bonespire Publishing his contractual violation fine using the proceeds from the sale of most of his personal belongings.[4]

On August 16, 3305, during the literature celebration in Olgrea taking place as part of the Alliance Festival of Culture, a spokesperson for Bonespire Publishing again criticized Olav Redcourt for attempting to write science-fiction, suggesting that Redcourt was risking financial ruin by making a futile effort to revive a dead genre.[5]


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