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Brain Trees in Skaudai JP-A C29-5 3 A / 51.6873, 78.0507

Brain Trees are a type of Fungal Life found on several rocky and ice worlds. They resemble Earth like trees with a brain-shaped organic object at the end of its branches.

They have been mostly found in Ejecta Craters near Guardian Ruins. To date, they have only ever been found on planets that have some form of volcanism. They are found as large fields containing dozens of trees in close proximity.

Their purpose is unknown at this time, but they appear to be related to the Guardian Ruins sites due to their close proximity to each other.

Locations Edit

Fields of Brain Trees have been found at the following locations. Canonn's sheet has a full list of locations.

System Planet Coordinates Notes
IC 2391 SECTOR ZE-A D101 C 3 A Lat: 11.44 Long: 48.43 Source[1]
Synuefe ZL-J D10-119 7 In a big white crater
Synuefe XO-P C22-17 D 3 Lat: 15.9644, Long: -58.3246, Lat: -31.2500, Long: -14.5000
Skaudai JP-A C29-5 3 A Lat: 51.6873, Long: 78.0507
Synuefe IM-M B37-0 C 1 -16.5370 -153.8830 Source[2]
Synuefe FG-T C18-2 2 A -19.1324 -158.0520 / -145.9334 -38.9945 Source[2]
Synuefe RD-J B39-0 1 18.3586 -147.7967 / 27.2756 -65.1900 Source[2]
Synuefe FL-O B36-0 1A -40.2857 90.8835 Source[2]

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