Brightlight Training is a corporation that offers a variety of educational services to corporations throughout the Federation. It has Federal contracts to provide training for officers of the Federal Navy. Brightlight represents the gold standard in private training centres.[1] The headquarters and training facilities are located in the small Federal service system of Hors. It's also a minor faction. Their slogan says 'Your learning is our business.'[2][3]


07 APR 3301

  • Shadow President Hudson, accompanied by several of Admiral Vincent’s closest aides, received a warm greeting when he visited the Hors system earlier today. The group met with Duke Sanders to discuss the possibility of extending the remit of Brightlight Training’s Federal contracts. With the recent failures in communication between the Commander-in-Chief and her advisors in the Federal Navy, it appears that Admiral Vincent has decided it is long past time for the Navy to update the way its officers are trained. Sources within the Brightlight Training Corporation are said to be very happy with the way the meeting went. No new contracts have been agreed between the two parties, but all reports indicate that Brightlight has begun ramping up its operations in preparation for an imminent services deployment.[1]


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