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Standard protection against all types of attack.

— In-game description

All ships in Elite use Bulkheads to protect their hulls. Heavier Bulkheads offer better protection at the cost of mass and ship value, i.e. Credits.

Types Edit

Values that determine hull protection are hull points and damage-type specific resistances: thermal, kinetic and explosive. In addition there is Armour Hardness determined by ship model which can not be changed in any way. There are five different bulkheads available for every ship:

  • Free Lightweight Alloys installed by default on every ship, offering the base rating of hull points for a specific ship model. Vulnerable to collisions.
  • Cheap Reinforced Alloys offering more hull points, as well as enhanced resistance to collisions.
  • Moderately priced Military Grade Composite offering the maximum amount of hull points, as well as the highest resistance to collisions.
  • Expensive Mirrored Surface Composite offering the maximum amount of hull points with better thermal resistance, mainly at the cost of lower kinetic resistance. Also offers the highest collision resistance.
  • Most expensive Reactive Surface Composite offering the maximum amount of hull Points with better explosive and kinetic resistance, at the cost of lower thermal resistance. Also offers the highest collision resistance.

Bulkheads are available for purchase at Outfitting for a relatively high price. However, no bulkheads will be available to purchase for a particular ship if that model is not for sale at that location's shipyard.

Penetration Edit

If the hull is penetrated by a shot, specific internal modules can sustain damage, based on the location of the impact. Damage to the module can be reduced with Module Reinforcement Packages, and is otherwise determined by the weapon used. The chance of penetration is entirely dependant on the remaining hull points, as plotted in this graph:

Hull Penetration-0

Specifications Edit

Class and Rating Hull Point boost Kinetic resistance Thermal resistance Explosive resistance
1C Lightweight alloy +80% -20% 0% -40%
1C Reinforced alloy +152% -20% 0% -40%
1C Military grade composite +250% -20% 0% -40%
1C Mirrored surface composite +250% -75% 50% -50%
1C Reactive surface composite +250% 25% -40% 20%

Engineer Modifications Edit

The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance its abilities:


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