Atlas was established in 3302 and has since had all records regarding its members' actions deemed classified. The permit for this system can be obtained by attaining prestige in CQC.

— In-Game Description

CD-43 11917 is a system within the Core Systems of the Inner Orion Spur known as the headquarters of the CQC Championship and the home of the most elite CQC pilots. CD-43 11917 features Attilius Orbital, which is the only station other than Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta Dezhra and i Sola Prospect in Brestla which stocks every commonly purchasable module in the game. Attilius Orbital also offers 20-30% discounts on a number of weapons, modules, and small and medium combat ships.

Access to CD-43 11917 is restricted, and requires the CQC Home World Permit. This permit is distributed only to pilots who reach the rank of Elite in CQC for the first time and then choose to "Prestige", which resets their rank and also awards a new level icon.

System Layout

  • CD-43 11917 (Class K Star)
    • Ares (Earth-like World)
    • CD-43 11917 2 (Icy Body)
    • CD-43 11917 3 (Icy Body)
    • CD-43 11917 4 (Icy Body)
    • CD-43 11917 5 (Icy Body)
    • CD-43 11917 6 (Icy Body)

Minor Factions

  • Benton's Gang (Anarchy, Independent)
  • CQC Holdings (Corporate, Independent)
  • Salleda State Systems (Corporate, Federation)


  • The hangar displayed in the CQC Championship menu is located in Attilius Orbital.


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