CD-43 11917 is the home of elite pilots of CQC, the Prestiges.

It is a Permit system accessible only after taking the option to "Prestige" in CQC. This resets all levels in return for granting the "CQC World Permit" and a new level icon. The economy is high tech (military) and the controlling faction is CQC Holdings.[1]

Ares, named for the ancient Greek god of war, is the main Earth-like planet in the system.

CD-43 11917 is notable for Attilius Orbital, which is the only station other than Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta Dezhra and i Sola Prospect in Brestla which stocks every commonly purchasable module in the game. Attilius Orbital also offers 20-30% discounts on a number of weapons, modules, and small and medium combat ships.

System Layout

  • TBD


  • The hangar displayed in the CQC Championship menu is located in Attilius Orbital.



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