COVAS Celeste

COVAS Celeste

Greetings, Commander. This is Celeste, your cockpit voice assisant, also known as COVAS, installed to provide systems information and analytical support throughout your journey. I'm issued as standard by the Pilots Federation in accordance with statute B7249 of the Interstellar Transit Charter. It should be noted that for insurance purposes, it is illegal to travel in most systems without the use of COVAS technology.

— Celeste COVAS Livery preview

The Cockpit Voice-Activated System, aka COVAS, is a cockpit voice assistant installed as a standard system in all ships. Its purpose is to provide system information and analytical support. It is issued by the Pilots Federation in accordance with statute B7249 of the Interstellar Transit Charter, and for insurance purposes it is illegal to travel in most systems without a COVAS.[1]


The Cockpit Voice Assistant (COVAS) relays real-time information about your ship and your surroundings via your helmet, and is in essence your ship's 'voice'. The Pilots Federation has approved some new COVAS variations, giving Commanders new ways to personalise their flight experience. Each ship comes equipped with Verity and Victor COVAS options by default.

— Frontier Store COVAS Celeste Description[2]

COVAS primarily provides audio notifications for certain ship functions and statuses, such as the countdown to a hyperspace jump, deploying or retracting landing gear, fuel scooping, when another ship has initiated a scan, and when the ship is under attack.[3]

The COVAS of a ship can be changed at Starport Services in the livery customization section. The SRV and SLF COVAS can be changed in the SRV and SLF customization bay respectively.[3]

Options Edit

COVAS Name Availability Voice Type Release Date
Verity Default option Female, British accent December 16, 2014
Victor Default option Male, British accent February 27, 2018
Celeste Paid purchase Female, French accent February 27, 2018
Archer Paid purchase Male, British accent April 27, 2018
Alix Paid purchase Female, American accent June 28, 2018
Jefferson Paid purchase Male, American accent November 9, 2018
Leo Paid purchase Male, British accent December 11, 2018
Amélie Free Female, French language December 11, 2018
Gerhard Free Male, German language December 11, 2018
Luciana Free Female, Spanish language December 11, 2018
Maksim Free Male, Russian language December 11, 2018
Vitória Free Female, Portuguese language December 11, 2018

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