The loadouts available in CQC Championship include a specific Ship and a set of modules that can be swapped out. Everyone starts with Loadout 1, containing an F63 Condor with two Pulse Lasers and a Chaff Launcher. More options become available as rank increases.

Loadout options

The hardpoint and utility modules listed here are just the default each loadout comes with. Unlockable alternative modules can be seen on each ship's loadout page.

Ship Loadouts Default Hardpoints Default Utility
F63 Condor Loadouts 2x Pulse Lasers 1x Chaff Launcher
Sidewinder MkI Loadouts 2x Tracking Pulse Lasers 1x Shield Cell
Eagle MkII Loadouts 2x Beam Lasers 1x Heatsink Launcher
Imperial Fighter Loadouts 2x Burst Lasers 1x Chaff Launcher

Loadout slots

These are the ranks at which the different loadouts are unlocked.

Loadout Ship Unlocked at Rank
Loadout 1 F63 Condor 0
Loadout 2 Sidewinder MkI 2
Loadout 3 Eagle MkII 3
Loadout 4 Imperial Fighter 4
Loadout 5 F63 Condor 11
Loadout 6 Sidewinder MkI 12
Loadout 7 Eagle MkII 17
Loadout 8 Imperial Fighter 20
Loadout 9 F63 Condor 21
Loadout 10 Sidewinder MkI 24
Loadout 11 Eagle MkII 31
Loadout 12 Imperial Fighter 32
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