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Because an honest day's work never goes out of fashion.

— Caine-Massey's slogan

Caine-Massey is a Federal mining megacorporation. Widely regarded as an old-fashioned company that respects its workers, this veneer of humility conceals Caine-Massey's true nature as an aggressively expansionist mining concern with a past penchant for compromising workplace safety for the sake of profit.


The local mining company.

— Alternate Caine-Massey slogan

Caine-Massey was originally founded under the name Howlett, Caine and Calvert (HC&C) in the early period of interstellar colonisation that began in the 22nd century. HC&C quickly rose to prominence as one of the more successful mining corporations, and cemented its position by securing guarantees of mining rights to multiple systems from the Federation through less than scrupulous means, such as nepotism and bribery. These guarantees came with a catch, however: HC&C had a limited time to meet set quotas, and failure to meet those quotas meant loss of mining rights. Consequently, HC&C made every effort to cut expenses and speed up its operations, leading to the use of shoddy equipment and recklessly endangering the lives of miners. When the corporation's many cover-ups of workplace accidents finally became public, the resulting damage to its reputation was severe.[1]

To salvage its image, HC&C merged with logistic firm Massey Haulage and underwent an extensive rebranding campaign as "Caine-Massey, the local mining company", a blue-collar corporation and worker's advocate that placed a higher priority on employee safety. The marketing effort paid off, and in the 34th century Caine-Massey is considered a respectable mining megacorporation, though its desire for expansion remains unquenched.[1]


13 JAN 3308

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    Caine-Massey and Torval Mining Ltd are running rival campaigns to deliver mined commodities to the Dulos system. For the past decade, the megacorp Caine-Massey has supplied ore and other raw materials to several subsidiaries in the region. But with the contract up for renewal, Torval Mining Ltd is making a bid for the lucrative business. Constantia Torval, operations director for the Empire-based company, outlined the initiative: "We are calling upon pilots to provide the following mined materials: bromellite, samarium and gallite. These should be delivered to the Pride of Bitterwood in the Dulos system. Your assistance will directly support our proposal to win this contract and expand our entire enterprise." Caine-Massey published a similar request from its vice president, Johann Fleischer: "The citizens within this region deserve a high standard of service, and we aim to continue meeting their needs. The Green Party of Dulos, acting on our behalf, shall offer generous rewards for shipments of mined bromellite, samarium and gallite delivered to Smith Port in the Dulos system." The corporate distributors within the region have agreed that whichever candidate is able to provide the greatest amount of materials will be awarded the contract for the next decade.[2]

11 JAN 3308

  • The company owned by Senator Zemina Torval is attempting to acquire a mining contract previously awarded to the Caine-Massey corporation. The agreement affects multiple corporations on the fringes of Federal space around the Dulos system, who for the last decade have purchased mined ore and other raw materials directly from Caine-Massey. With the contract up for renewal, Torval Mining Ltd has made an official bid. An announcement was made by Constantia Torval, the company's operations director and daughter of Zemina Torval: "We have enjoyed enormous success in a short space of time by providing services to the Empire. This is an opportunity to reach a broader customer base, and convince them that they too can benefit from Torval Mining's expertise." Johann Fleischer, the vice president of Caine-Massey, remarked: "Our corporation is proud of its origins within the Federation, and we have supplied these systems with resources for many years. This is a surreptitious attempt by an Imperial senator to boost her own standing by hijacking Federal business." The Federal Commerce Authority has responded to Caine-Massey's request for intervention. An initial review found that, while it recognises the aggression of the Torval Mining claims, there is no exclusivity clause in place that prevents the companies in question from holding talks with an Imperial supplier now Caine-Massey's contract term is expiring.[3]

13 APR 3307

  • There have been mixed responses to the Proactive Detection Bureau, which monitors private communications in the Federation for terrorist activity. Mainstream newsfeeds reported on the situation:
    The Federal Times: "Civil rights groups are united in protest against the PDB. The controversy was also seized upon by the corporatist movement that was formed by Jupiter Division supporters. Their spokesperson stated: 'The government has overstepped its authority and must be replaced by direct corporate rule.'"
    Sol Today: "Has everyone already forgotten Li Qing Jao station burning in the night skies above Earth? Whatever it takes to keep us safe must be done. Only people with something to hide demand secrecy."
    Vox Galactica: "Professor Irene Ralston of Olympus Village University told us that her political history students received visits by FIA agents for researching Marlinism, despite it being on the curriculum."
    The Tau Ceti Journal: "Corporations that incurred financial losses in the bombings have welcomed the PDB. But other businesses have submitted legal challenges, claiming a right to protect sensitive commercial information. Megacorps such as Caine Massey and Vandermeer are even threatening to withdraw political donations."[4]