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The Cakers were a resistance movement in the Alioth system that were active in the 26th and 27th centuries. They took their name from Fruitcake, a moon of the gas giant Alioth 5 that is now known as Turner's World, which was the first and most important colony in Alioth. The Cakers emerged from popular opposition to the heavy-handed tactics of Fruitcake's then-Imperial government that eventually coalesced into a single organisation in 2541. In 2603, the Cakers united under Quentin Devises and seized full control of Fruitcake, but their victory was short-lived. Amid a system-wide uprising in 2618 that was backed by the Cakers, the Federation and the Empire combined their forces to restore order. Devises was captured and executed, the Cakers were dismantled, and Alioth's assets were divided between the superpowers. In later centuries, various other groups seeking to liberate Alioth also called themselves "Cakers".



By 2530, as the Federation and the Empire returned their focus to Alioth as their main source of Hydrogen Fuel in response to the Old Worlds raising prices, the people of Fruitcake were chafing under the increasingly harsh control of an Imperial Governor. Terrorist attacks against the Imperial regime escalated into a full-blown resistance movement in 2541 that branded itself the "Cakers". The Cakers were responsible for a series of daring attacks, including the attempted suicide hijacking of the Imperial tourist liner Everichon in 2559, and the downing of an unmarked dropship carrying mercenaries with possible links to the Federation in 2583. However, public support for the Cakers was split by persistent rumours that the group was receiving Federal backing, and conflicts between sub-factions were common.[1]

Quentin Devises

In 2600, President Sadiq Kessler voided all of the remaining membership requirements in Alioth's Federal charter and offered the system full membership in an attempt to break the uneasy stalemate between the Federation and the Empire over control of the system. Unexpectedly, the act divided Alioth's resistance movement, the Cakers, into rival pro-Federation and pro-independent factions. The pro-independence faction led by Quentin Devises prevailed in 2603, reuniting the Cakers and going on to claim control of Fruitcake, which was declared a free trading port. Federal envoys continued trying to seek a response to President Kessler's offer from Devises, but when Devises finally agreed to an audience in 2606, he emphatically rejected Federal membership.[1]

In 2617, munitions worker Tom Quaterson was tried and executed for selling food coupons to the poor, triggering a general uprising backed by the Cakers and other rebel groups. The residence of the Governor of Fruitcake was stormed, and workers seized control of gas platforms, demanding Alioth's independence. In an unprecedented move, the Federation and Empire cooperated to retake the system in 2618. Quentin Devises was quickly captured and executed, and the Cakers were left rudderless and scattered. The superpowers divided Alioth between them, with the Empire claiming all space installations, and the Federation claiming Fruitcake.[1]


The legacy of the Cakers briefly resurfaced in 2854 when an insurrectionist group calling itself the "New Cakers" overthrew the Imperial government of New California, another moon of Alioth 5, in reaction to the imposition of martial law by Emperor Trasken Duval II to enforce a mandatory genetic correction programme. The Empire responded by bombing New California's cities from orbit, but its ships were driven off by the timely arrival of a Federal fleet led by Admiral Kracer.[1]

Another group calling itself the Cakers was formed in the years prior to 3228, when a fresh wave of unrest was sparked, and was much more successful in attaining its goals. One cell leader of this latest generation of Cakers was Meredith Argent, a scientist who co-founded the Alliance with famed explorer Mic Turner in 3230 after Federal and Imperial forces withdrew from Alioth to avoid entanglement in a protracted war against Alioth's revolutionaries.[1][2]


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