Calcite Plate

These structures consist mainly of calcium carbonate.

— In-Game Description

Calcite Plates are mineral structures found in Notable Stellar Phenomena that are produced by colonies of tiny polyp-like creatures.

Types Edit

There are three known types of Calcite Plates:

  • Cymatilis Calcite Plate
  • Luteus Calcite Plate
  • Virens Calcite Plate

Locations Edit

Calcite Plates have been found at the following locations.

System Type Reported By
Dryu Chraea FH-D d12-49 Luteus CMDR Agengar
Dryu Chraea FH-D d12-49 Cymatilis CMDR Agengar
Dryu Chraea FH-D d12-49 Virens CMDR Agengar

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