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Canyon Planet 2

A big canyon on a planet

Canyons are deep clefts or valleys in the ground. They are formed by earthquakes, rivers and erosion. Many planets feature canyons, some are very deep. The formations are simulated by the Stellar Forge.

Planets with a water atmosphere have better canyon formations.

Canyon racing[]

Certain pilots organise unofficial canyon racing events. Players set up a racing circuit on a planet or moon with a suitable canyon. Popular racing ships are the Eagle, Imperial Eagle and Viper MkIII due to their fast acceleration, agility an relatively low cost. The Fer-de-Lance and Mamba are quick, but quite expensive.

Alternatively, informal racing events can be held at installations and stations. The SRV Scarab is suitable for surface racing.

Note racing is not officially supported in-game.

How to race[]

  • One pilot uses a mining laser to define the starting line. All participants line up behind the mining laser line. All pilots can start racing when the mining laser disappears.
  • There is at least one checkpoint during the course. It is defined by pointing a mining laser horizontally or vertically at a spot.
  • All pilots must stay inside the canyon and go past the checkpoint or be disqualified.
  • There is one pilot who observes the race from above to prevent cheating.
  • Another pilot uses a mining laser to define the finish line.
  • The pilot who passes the finish line first is the winner.
  • A reward for the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) can be decided in advance such as canisters with gold.

Canyon racing videos[]

Notable Locations[]

System Planet Coordinates Notes
Brestla A 14 c There are long and wide canyons
Synuefe VM-D c15-10 2 a Planet with deep canyons[1]
Eol Prou RS-T d3-509 B 2 a For canyon racing
Ross 671 B 3 For canyon racing
Pomeche 2 c 3.75 / 46.90 For canyon racing