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Capital Ship Dock - Facece - Topaz

A Capital Ship Dock is a specialised type of station where capital ships such as the Farragut-Class Battle Cruiser and the Majestic-Class Interdictor are constructed or undergo maintenance and repairs. They can accommodate up to two capital ships at once, but possess no Landing Pads for smaller ships. Some Capital Ship Docks are located in the vicinity of starports.


These stations have capital ship docks.[1] [2]

System Planet Station Allegiance
Guaras B 1 Klimuk Ring (205kls) Federation
Halai A 1 Chaudhary Enterprise Federation
Limapa 1 Kovalyonok Port Federation
Neits C 2 Still Hangar Federation
Parutis 2 Evans Port Federation
Rhea 4 Balandin Gateway Federation
Zoqui Xuang A 3 Hoften Enterprise Federation
Irusan 2 Bella Port Federation
Achansa 2 A Lunan Terminal Federation
Airsetanoa 2 D Military Installation Federation
Antobri A 1 Treshchov Dock Federation
Beta Hydri Homeland Military Installation Federation
Baal A 2 Oterma Station Empire
Cubeo 3 Chelomey Orbital Empire
CPC 20 6743 4 C Lyakhov Dock Federation
Ditae 2 Langley Dock Empire
Ekono A 1 Lundmark Terminal Empire
Facece Topaz Empire
Khruvandji A Consolmagno Enterprise Empire
Larg AB 1 Kagawa Survey Empire
Lemovi 7 Royo Dock Empire
Mandh A 9 Gaensler City Empire
Malaikudi A 1 Leopold Heckmann Ring Empire
Ugrivirii 2 Jefferies Port Empire
LHS 1379 1 No Station Federation


  • CG art images displayed alongside certain GalNet reports show that most of the work done at Capital Ship Docks is undertaken using small, single-pilot craft called Exopods.