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A Cargo Canister

Cargo Canisters are containers that are used to transport commodities across the galaxy. A filled canister weighs approximately 1 tonne, and is designed to fill a standardized space within a Cargo Rack.


Each Cargo Canister is shaped like a rounded octagonal prism and is roughly two meters in height. They are designed to fit through a standard Cargo Hatch. There are various different cannister designs, used by different types of commodities, but most are manufactured by Vespine Transport Systems. Other markings on the exterior may relate to the canister's type and content.

All commodities transported in the Cargo Racks of Ships and SRVs, including mined commodities, are contained in canisters. Cargo Canisters can be salvaged with a Cargo Scoop or Limpets in space or on a planetary surface. When a Cargo Canister is targted, the HUD will indicate whether it is legal or illegal salvage.

Various other objects, such as Black Boxes, Occupied Escape Pods, and Thargoid Sensors conform to the size dimensions of a Cargo Canister closely enough to be compatible with standard Cargo Racks, although Thargoid technology is corrosive and must be transported in Corrosion Resistant Cargo Racks to prevent damage to the ship that is carrying it.

Cargo Containers

Cargo Containers

Cargo containers seen inside starport docking bays and stored on the exteriors of certain megaships contain multiple Cargo Canisters.


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