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For the destructible wreckage found in Points of Interest, see Cargo Rack (Wreckage).
CargoCapacity Ingame

Cargo Rack icon

Standardised storage rack for use in automated cargo transfer system.

— In-Game Description

A Cargo Rack is a holding case for Cargo Canisters used in transporting commodities. They come in a variety of sizes starting with the smallest at 2 ton capacity and increasing by exponents of 2.

A Corrosion Resistant Cargo Rack is needed to transport certain corrosive objects, such as the Thargoid Sensor.


Class Rating Mass (T) Capacity* Value (CR)
1 E 0.00 2 1,000
2 E 0.00 4 3,250
3 E 0.00 8 10,563
4 E 0.00 16 34,328
5 E 0.00 32 111,566
6 E 0.00 64 362,591
7 E 0.00 128 1,178,420
8 E 0.00 256 3,829,866

* Refers to how many tons of commodities the Cargo Rack can hold. Each stack weighs one ton.

Purchase Locations[]

System Station
Eravate Cleve Hub
Eravate Ackerman Market
Q1 Eridani Windt Terminal
Chamunda Gidzenko Ring

System Station
Frigaha Aubakirov Orbital
Eravate Cleve Hub
Q1 Eridani Windt Terminal
Tauerni Rushworth Port

System Station
Eravate Cleve Hub
Ross 33 Crown City
Witchhaul Hornby Terminal
Q1 Eridani Windt Terminal
Turot Hornby Vision
HIP 12716 Evangelisti Dock

System Station
Eravate Cleve Hub
Pegasi Mackellar Hub
Kremainn Wohler Terminal

System Station
Eravate Cleve Hub
Alrai Bounds Hub
BD-12 4699 Alexander Port
Leesti George Lucas
Altair Solo Orbiter
Alioth Melbourne Park
Wolf 1301 Saunder's Dive
Delta Phoenicis Trading Post
Lave Lave Station
Leesti George Lucas
Diso Shifnalport
Any Na Libby Orbital
NLTT 49528 Anning Hub
Maridal Vonarburg Port

System Station
Apam Napat Majida
Bhritzameno Feynman Terminal
LTT 14850 Franklin Vision

System Station
Lumastya Suzuko Terminal
Wuru Wendelin Terminal

System Station
LHS 1393 Wyeth Dock


  • The cargo racks themselves weigh 0.00 tons, but cargo that is loaded into the cargo bay weighs 1 ton per stack of commodity.
  • The only possible rating for Cargo Racks is E.

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