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For the ship module, see Cargo Rack.

Cargo Rack

Cargo Racks can be found in ship wreckage points of interest on the surface of planets and moons. When they are destroyed by weapons fire from a ship or SRV they break apart and release Materials, which can be collected using a ship's or an SRV's Cargo Scoop.

The canisters they contain are not as large as normal Cargo Canisters and have a different appearance. They contain materials, not normal cargo, so this type of cargo rack appears to be where ships store materials. Destroying Cargo Racks will always yield 1-2 different materials, and each sample yields 3 units of that material.

They can be opened with the cutter whilst on foot on the mag lock and you can received three canisters of materials


  • In the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Planetary Landings beta Cargo Racks did drop materials when destroyed, but from release version 2.0 until version 2.0.02 they did not drop anything when destroyed.[1]